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Ancient Hauntings: So Easy A Caveman Ghost Can Do It

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This post is about cavemen ghosts and dinosaur ghosts. Yes. If you’re smirking let us humbly point out that half the world’s religions believe in deities arising from the dead. Are prehistoric ghosts really that much more absurd?

People interested in paranormal activity often speak of ancient Indian burial grounds haunted by tribal spirits. But why is this the end? Why not go back further, to the earliest epochs on the planet? Why not contemplate the spirits of the first humans who grasped the incredible mystery of consciousness, or phantoms from the most massive empire that has ever existed on the Earth, the dinosaurs who ruled this planet? Homo sapiens have been here for approximately 200,000 years. Dinosaurs held dominion for over almost 200 million.
dinosaur ghost

Ghost Theory

Unfortunately, theories about ghosts and paranormal activity are virtually impossible to discuss in any kind of quantitative scientific context. Which is why when one asks why we don’t get contacted by cavemen ghosts and Jurassic entities from the distant past, feelings of absurdity soon follow.

We don’t know if ghosts exist or, if they do, whether it would even be possible to measure their activities. So to ask whether or not there is an expiration date on them is an even more liberal exercise in speculation.

In other words, if living creatures like humans have ghosts it stands to reason that the earliest humans and their ancestors would too. Possibly other prehistoric creatures as well. So, have these entities from the distant past faded away into oblivion, or could traces of them still persist?

Ghost of Early Caveman?

caveman Ghost

The photo above was taken by a tourist named Simon Howard while visiting the prehistoric caves in England. He says the face and the mist enshrouding it were not visible when he took the photo. Is it the spirit of an ancient man who still lingers in the caves?

If the spirits of the living persist after death, why can’t we commune with the ghosts of prehistoric humans or experience the terrifying presence of a T-Rex spirit? Maybe that’s precisely what a demon is, the ghost of a dinosaur? Perhaps irrational abberant behavior by otherwise rational adults IS possession by early man, perhaps it is modern homo sapiens resorting to the most primordial of instincts.
pterodactyl dinosaur ghost?
In other examples, there have been many sightings of pterodactyls in recent decades. Explanations range from the evolution of the Kongamoto species in Congo, Africa to ancient ghosts and even the momentary opening of a time portal that shows momentary slivers of the distant past.

Is the Loch Ness Monster a Dinosaur Ghost?

What if we do experience these ghosts? What if the ephemeral, fleeting images we get of Bigfoot and the Loch Ness monster are the spirits of an ancient caveman and a dinsosaur, respectively?
Loch Ness monster

What if? What if? What if? Reality has variables, just like mathematics. Like using the behavior of planets to detect unseen dark matter and black holes, we must use the unknown to slowly fill in the full picture of the known. The unknown is an equation; ghosts are variables.

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