The Ghost Diaries is the online home for anyone interested in the unknown or, as it’s popularly known, the paranormal. What does “paranormal” mean?  Quite literally, anything that deviates from normal reality. Therefore, this site will be home to news, entertainment and media pertaining to ghosts, spirits, UFOs, ESP, conspiracy theories, horror films, and a wide variety of unexplained phenomena collected from all across the world. The Ghost Diaries will also host all the latest findings from cosmology, astronomy, and the multiverse theory. We have a thing for dark energy….


Do we believe in ghosts? Not necessarily, but ‘ghost’ is an excitingly loaded metaphor for the eternal unknowns that plague human consciousness. Our minds are wide open.

Remember, 96% of the universe is unknown. No one knows the full truth, and anyone who claims to is probably selling something.