John Lennon Murder

Psychic Predicted the Death of John Lennon

Since the dawn of civilization, humans have attempted to predict the future. Can we predict the future or do we have the power to create our own?  Are we creating it right now?  The future appears to be a precarious place that is constantly changing. Yet, we have all experienced deja vu or seen a future event in a dream. When disaster strikes, people often claim that they foresaw the tragedy. In 1912, when the Titanic sunk, hundreds of people came forward with reports of psychic dreams about the demise of the great ship.


On September 8th, 1980 a similar eerie prediction was made. A famous psychic, Alex Tanous was being interviewed by Lee Spiegel for NBC radio’s Unexplained Phenomena show. The interview took place across the street from the Dakota Apartments in New York City on west 73rd street.

Spiegel asked for a prediction that would happen in the next few months that would be of  interest to the many music fans of his radio show.

“The prediction I will make,” said Tanous, “is that a very famous rock star will have an untimely death in the next few months. I say untimely death because there is something strange about this death, but it will affect the consciousness of many people because of his fame.” He added that the star will be foreign-born but living in the United States. He than wrote down a list of 5 names. JOHN LENNON was the first name on the LIST!

Three months later, John Lennon, was shot and killed outside the Dakota Apartments, visible through the windows of the office in which Alex Tanous had been sitting when he foresaw the tragic event to come. Tanous was later interviewed about his predictions and he said that he had touched the Dakota apartment building and “felt very strongly that something terrible was going to happen.”


Another interesting note is that John Lennon lived in fear that he would be shot. “For the past 14 years John has lived with the fear that he would be shot,” writes John Lennon’s first wife Cynthia in her book “John,”

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2 Responses to “Psychic Predicted the Death of John Lennon”
  1. If I have known that John Lennon was going to be shot,I would have warned both him and Yoko ahead of time.That is a very sad for us Beatle Fans.

  2. I agree with you. You won’t find bigger Beatle fans than us here at The Ghost Diaries.

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