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New Bizarre Twists in the Macabre Case of Elisa Lam

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A few months ago, we reported on the incredibly creepy and gruesome case of Elisa Lam, a Canadian tourist who was found in a water tank at the top of the infamous Cecil Hotel, a hotel well known to have housed two serial killers and a myriad of strange deaths and suicides. The facts of the case initially left one almost certain that foul play was involved in this young woman’s death. Then a haunting surveillance video surfaced, showing Elisa in the elevator the night she disappeared.

Her behavior in the video is erratic, strange, almost occultist in places. From it, one draws one or both of the following conclusions:

1. Elisa was being followed (probably by the person who may have killed her, if she was killed)

2. Elisa was on drugs, which would both explain her bizarre behavior and make her vulnerable to any of the loons habituating the seedy hotel or its downtown Los Angeles environs.

Fast forward a few months…still no toxicology report. A near media blackout on the case. Besides a few online smatterings, it is almost as if the autopsy has been blotted out of the records.
elisa lam
Fast forward another month to May 16th. The LAPD says the toxicology report will be released that week. Fast forward to June….still no toxicology report.

Then, abruptly, the coroner releases a report saying that the death was…accidental. Yes, accidental.

It turns out Elisa’s body was found nude, with no signs of trauma or drug intoxication. The culprit: bi-polar disorder. That’s right, no foul play, no drugs–depression. Really bad depression.

With only a little research we found some supporting evidence of this condition in Elisa’s blog, Ether Fields. Elisa, it seems, struggled with depression for many years. In one entry, she writes: “I had a relapse at the start of the term and had to drop 2 of the 3 courses I was taking. Now I am down to one course and I have missed 3 weeks of classes since my sleeping pattern is completely reversed.”

Relapse of what? One can only guess the very bi-polar disorder that apparently led to her demise. In another entry she writes:
elisa lam

According to the the final police report on this case, her depression escalated to bi-polarity, which resulted in her finding her way to the locked roof of the Cecil Hotel, climbing to the top of a 10 foot water tank, removing her clothes, and then inserting herself into the tank via the 16 inch latch door on the top. Either she drowned herself in the tank, or she accidentally fell in, perhaps while skinny dipping in her tragically deranged psychological state. We will probably never know for sure.

A fascinating second to second analysis of her behavior in the elevator suggests Elisa was feeling a wide gamut of dissonant and fluctuating emotions the night she died, wild mood swings that include confidence, anxiety, fear, joy and even sexual preening. Hauntingly, this analysis concludes that Elisa Lam was playing some kind of bizarre form of hide and seek. Given what we now ‘know’ about her bi-polarity, she may have been both the person hiding and the person searching.

In our last writeup of this baffling–and, admittedly, sad–case, we posited a third conclusion to be drawn from the surveillance tape: that Elisa had in fact been possessed by the same insidious spirits that infected serial killers Richard Ramirez, aka the Night Stalker, and Jack Unterweger, as well as the myriad other occupants that either died mysteriously or committed suicide at the Cecil Hotel, which also happens to have been one of the last places Elizabeth Short, or the Black Dahlia, was seen on the night of her grisly murder in 1947.

At the time of our last address, we confidently predicted that if no drugs were found in Elisa Lam’s system, this would be a clear cut case of paranormal possession. Of course, we didn’t know at the time that Elisa had a history of severe depression. Even if we had, though, would we have concluded that Elisa trudged to the locked, alarm-triggered roof of the Cecil Hotel, climbed to the top of a 10 foot cistern and drowned herself? It’s just so utterly bizarre….

And unfortunately, it gets more bizarre.

A YouTube user recently claimed that the Elisa Lam CCTV footage had been slowed down and possibly edited. He makes a case that the tape was tampered with and that we have not yet seen the full extent of Elisa Lam’s final video appearance.

Obviously, more investigation would have to be conducted to confirm whether or not the video was actually slowed down and edited. The timestamp jump certainly does seem suspicious. But then again, everything in a conspiracy theory must, by definition, seem suspicious.

An even more mind-numbing new discovery concerns an outbreak of tuberculosis in Los Angeles at around the same time as Elisa Lam’s disappearance. According to the CDC, 4,500 people were exposed to a drug-resistant form of TB. Incredibly, the name of the TB test used to make this diagnosis was called the LAM ELISA test. It is a whopping coincidence, one that has actually led online conspiracists to conclude that the Elisa Lam case is part of a much more convoluted false flag biological attack.

Whether this Lam Elisa TB test is an example of predictive programming, false flag communication, or merely an incredible coincidence, the fact remains: one can’t rule out the possibility that there is some kind of a coverup going on. Take an already baffling case of a body found in a water tank and add in a haunted hotel, a TB infection with a test seemingly named after the victim, a possibly doctored surveillance tape and an abnormally delayed release of a toxicology report.

To conclude this latest dispatch in the increasingly bizarre case of Elisa Lam, we offer up yet another incredible coincidence, or another hint of predictive programming. In the 2002 film Dark Water, a girl falls into a water tank at the top of a hotel and drowns. The infected water creeps down into the hotel walls, similar to what happened at the Cecil. In the 2005 American remake of the film, two of the characters are named Dahlia and Ceci.

The Synchronicity of Evil rears its ugly head again…

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  • javaknowledge

    Yes, it may be bi-polar or drugs and there are signs it might be that….BUT…….it still doesn’t explain why the elevators DO NOT CLOSE.

    • C.C

      and then re open again on other floors without anyone to push the buttons on the floors they open up on.. someone had to be calling the elevator or the doors on the other floors wouldn’t open, the elevator wouldn’t move anywhere..

      • Snickers

        Watching the video you can see her hitting all the buttons to every floor which would make the elevator stop on every floor.

  • Al Crowe-Lee

    The elevator doors do not close because she presses the ‘door hold’ button. By the way, the water tank she was found in is directly above the elevator. Spontaneous teleporting, anyone?

    • C.C

      but she didn’t disappear from the elevator, she disappeared from the hallway, not putting her directly below said water tank..

  • Harry Bolzonia

    Here is the autopsy report
    Makes for superb bedtime reading.

  • Piedad

    Check this out.


    A very lucid theory, in my point of view.

  • Ed

    The CCTV could be slowed down – which is obvious by observing the counter – to make identification easier because she was a missing person. Also the edit doesn’t mean much – it’s possible that the camera paused because it had a motion sensor or it was edited because nothing was happening. I think she’s talking outside the door to someone she cant see,’ she’s feeling around in the air to try and locate them and giving reasons at one point by counting on her fingers – (maybe to soldiers using cloaking dexices – a theory that has been offered with fairly convincing evidence on other sites).

    • The Ghost Diaries

      That’s a wild theory. So do the proponents of cloaking device/soldier theory think this was some kind of psyop?

  • Stoney

    This story still freaks me out today. I believe she must have been murdered.

  • Stefan Matthias

    Maybe she tried to hide in the water tank? That would also explain her strange behaviour in the elevator, maybe she was really chased or just thought it becouse of some mental thing and so scared that she got into that dissociated state not knowing where to go. If she thought that she could only go to the top of the building as the person(s) chasing her where supposedly coming from the bottom and at the top she had the idea of hiding in the tank rather than jumping of the building when the chasers would arive. (sry for the bad english, it´s just my second language after german).


    • Carrie-Anne

      But she was naked in the water tank? Why would she take her clothes off to hide from somebody?

    • Bojangles

      I read in another report that they had to drill a hole to open the water tank. If it’s that difficult to open, how did she get in??

      • Artur Ludwig Brzuza

        The hole was only 16 inches wide, bodies tend to bloat after being in the water too long.

        • Bojangles

          Workers had to cut the tank open to remove her body. The lids of the water tanks are so heavy, furthermore, that it is likely impossible one person could have moved them. How, then, did she get into the tank and then replace the lid behind her?

  • Alex sam

    I feel like there should be more footage. Majority of hotels have cameras in the hallway… So where’s the footage of that?

  • mentalhealthprofessional35

    The lam elisa test was around way before this happened. What a bunch of crap. If more people worked in mental health this behavior wouldn’t seem bizarre at all. This was the manic aspect of bi-polar and not depression. and when someone is this manic they become what is called schizo-affective. Reality and perception is distorted, paranoia, hallucinations amongst other things. unfortunately when someone like this has their sleep schedule turned around, it’s like they are on hallucinogens. No conspiracy. Just a sad event for a very sweet and innocent kid. Stop exploiting her for entertainment.

    • Roy A

      Thank you. I’m no psychology expert but I have been depressed and I have experienced the mania described. People don’t realized where a stressed mind is capable of taking them. I used to pretend there was an insane person living in my apartment trying to kill me but then every once in a while him and I would just sit and talk all out of loneliness and depression. Just an example of things a person will do in a manic state. Who knows what she was thinking but I feel sad for her loved ones and also sad because I identify with her condition.

    • The Ghost Diaries

      No exploitation is intended. This is a genuinely creepy story and we do not disparage mental illness.

  • Ladymcbox

    ELISA is actually the name for an entire class of medical testing. It stands for something and has to do with the method of testing. My son has a chronic medical condition and has had several ELISA labs.

    • C.C

      it stands for enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay and your right. :0)

  • http://www.oneduality.com oneduality

    My biggest questions remain, I only just learned of this case..

    1. How did she bypass the two entry points to the roof? one is said to be an alarmed door, the second is an emergency exit… either one would have set of an alarm.. only employees are supposedly able to access the roof.

    2. She got into the tank obviously pretty easily.. why did the fire department have to cut it open?

    3. I have two families that are severely bipolar and I’ve yet to see anything like this in my 36 years alive.. not saying it’s not possible.. but I’ve not seen this kind of behavior

    4. WHY DID THE ELEVATOR NOT WORK!? she was pressing all of the floor buttons… yet the door stayed gaping wide open… it wasn’t until she was off frame for a while that the elevator decided to function, and you see it stop at multiple floors .. open… close… just as you’d expect.. she seemed to be trying to get off of that floor…

    None of it adds up.. and I suppose none of it ever will ..

    • Alex

      I know the truth. That was just a part of Alternative Reality Game. ELISA LAM never existed.

      • The Ghost Diaries

        That’s awesome

  • C.C

    Ok a couple concerns I have here, ONE..in a HOTEL or even a MOTEL there are cameras in elevators, down hallways and usually in service stairwells and definately on rooftops but seemingly not here? or….where’s the footage?!?

    TWO…Who’s pushing the buttons after the elevator starts working again that it would stop and open the door on other floors? because the way they work..someone has to push for the elevator on the floor your on to make the door open..

    THREE…How did she know the directions to the roof, without tripping the alarm, and how’d she know that if she climbed a latter there would be water in the vat she could drown/swim in? If it was premeditated due to bipolar disorder she would have had to have previous knowledge of the route and that vat and its location on the roof etc..

    FOUR..it looks to me like she’s talking to someone when she gets out of the elevator, we just can’t see them.

    FIVE.. Have you EVER known the streets of LA ANYWHERE especially there to be empty, quiet, and devoid of a single soul with not a business open? because that could be the only way she went through this event without anyone on the outside of the hotel seeing her ever. It would be pretty out of place and therefore, pretty distracting to passers by. This part of LA has a huge nightlife, i’d find it hard to believe NO ONE was ANYWHERE around and NEVER saw her..

    • Joe – HU

      No.2 question. She pushed all the buttons before she left,
      so the elevator just follows the order one by one.

    • Joe – HU

      the question No1. is really interesting! maybe not on roof, but on the hallways?

    • http://www.mattsilver.ca/ Matt S

      Not claiming I know the actual answers to your questions, but here’s some reasonably sound answers that fit:

      #1. If in fact the hotel is as seedy and downtrodden as folks say, it’s not a leap to think that there might not be top notch security systems in place. I can think of many instances where public cameras and/or security systems didn’t work when the police went to ”check the tape’ of various places.

      #2. Elisa pushes the buttons – seems pretty noticeable on the video.

      #3. We don’t know when she got to the roof, so she may have wandered the hotel’s top floor until she found the hatch to the roof… Ask any curious minded person (myself incl) if they’ve ever seen a stairwell or ladder leading up to a roof and asked themselves: ”I wonder what it’s like up there?” Or if you take from the theories of foul play – she could have been lead there by somebody who was manipulating her inability to make sound choices and they lead her up there.

      #4. If we can’t see who she is talking to, it could be ANYONE (or no one). Heck it could be a passerby who almost came into the frame, got freaked out by her and turned around and went the other way. I know I would.

      #5. I have to admit I don’t know LA well enough to answer specifically to this context, but I can give you the answer any first year psych student would know. Shared difference. People are far less likely to take action or think that something is out of place if nobody else is taking initiative. Statistically you’re far more likely to be saved if you’re being beaten, raped, murdered, if there is 1 or 2 people witnessing the crime than if there were many people witnessing the crime.

      Again… these are only plausible explainations which is not meant to be taken as THE truth.

  • Joe – HU

    I just met with this story and the “explanations”
    behind. As a strongly sceptic person, I found enough evident about a terrible but
    self-made accident. that is a question that nobody will answer ever, that poor
    girl want only to swim or really want to make the end of her life. The only
    think what I do not understand, even watching the real speed CCTV video, that
    when the girl is on the picture (and visibly not touching any button, and not
    between sensors) why the door of the elevator does not close – like later when
    the elevator just going down its opens and closes the door exactly 5 sec. while
    when she enters there are minimum 8 sec after the last button pushed or 19 sec.
    when she is outside, but it is visible that she is out of the sensor line and
    she can not hold the call button because she is with her back to the wall. Can
    somebody explain this to me pls?

  • C.C

    Also after reading the autopsy report I have a query..how is it that this woman who wears a size small petite underwear was wearing a size medium MENS shorts? even her sweater she was wearing was xs…
    Also, there’s the presence of sand? and only her sweater was wet? not her shirt,shorts, underwear..only sweater..

    And i’m having a hard time believing that’s a real autopsy report for such statements as ” i made incisions in the usual way” and “have been submitted to the lab” um..in medical school that would have earned me an F…you have to describe how each cut is made, each time, you have to be specific about what labs, what went where and what tests are being run..there is never such generalized terms as used in that alleged autopsy report, also it has hardly any identifying information on it, there is never an autopsy that has just the year, random number and her name..i’d tout this one as a bogus autopsy.

    • Joe – HU

      I have a theory. but it is less paranoia like the others.
      Someone a stuff member (who knew the location of all working camera, who was
      able to open an alarmed door to the roof, and who knew that the girl has some
      weak points – that you can tell after a few personal meetings (like reception
      desk talks)), invited her to the roof, for some activity (and this person is
      holding the button of the elevator from the hallway, not letting the girl
      leaving, till she gave up, and steps out and leave with the person (human not a
      ghost, only a human can be so evil). and then something went wrong up there…

  • http://www.mattsilver.ca/ Matt S

    Being a pragmatist, I can only bring myself to believe 2 plausible explanations that wouldn’t involve the usage of government intervention or supernatural theories:

    #1. That Elisa having a mental illness and poor decision making skills entered the water tank of her own choice. This would be predicated on the possibility that there was a wonky alarm system on the doors leading to the roof AND that some of the cameras were not working or maintained properly preventing anyone from seeing her ascent to the roof. Does this seem like a reasonable explanation for a hotel that has positioned itself as having a mysterious backstory while being in a seedy area of the city? To me it does.

    #2. The second potential is that Elisa was brought to the hotel roof by a person or party (probably within the hotel staff) who was predatory in nature. The hope would be to take advantage of an obviously attractive but mentally ill person. This would be predicated on the idea that a person had knowledge of how to get Elisa up to the roof, and that they would have to do so with minimal physical force as to not show signs of foul play (which isn’t all that hard to do for people taking full advantage of a person with poor decision making skills from the start)… Is it possible that predatory instincts exist in people to take advantage of a person with mental illness (especially if they are young and attractive and possibly even showing signs of desire to play along)? I think it’s more than possible..

    So there’s my pragmatic theories which are not meant to discount the opinions of those who prefer the theories of supernatural forces or government intervention, but rather to provide some more statistically plausible answers…