elisa lam

New Bizarre Twists in the Macabre Case of Elisa Lam

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A few months ago, we reported on the incredibly creepy and gruesome case of Elisa Lam, a Canadian tourist who was found in a water tank at the top of the infamous Cecil Hotel, a hotel well known to have housed two serial killers and a myriad of strange deaths and suicides. The facts of the case initially left one almost certain that foul play was involved in this young woman’s death. Then a haunting surveillance video surfaced, showing Elisa in the elevator the night she disappeared.

Her behavior in the video is erratic, strange, almost occultist in places. From it, one draws one or both of the following conclusions:

1. Elisa was being followed (probably by the person who may have killed her, if she was killed)

2. Elisa was on drugs, which would both explain her bizarre behavior and make her vulnerable to any of the loons habituating the seedy hotel or its downtown Los Angeles environs.

Fast forward a few months…still no toxicology report. A near media blackout on the case. Besides a few online smatterings, it is almost as if the autopsy has been blotted out of the records.
elisa lam
Fast forward another month to May 16th. The LAPD says the toxicology report will be released that week. Fast forward to June….still no toxicology report.

Then, abruptly, the coroner releases a report saying that the death was…accidental. Yes, accidental.

It turns out Elisa’s body was found nude, with no signs of trauma or drug intoxication. The culprit: bi-polar disorder. That’s right, no foul play, no drugs–depression. Really bad depression.

With only a little research we found some supporting evidence of this condition in Elisa’s blog, Ether Fields. Elisa, it seems, struggled with depression for many years. In one entry, she writes: “I had a relapse at the start of the term and had to drop 2 of the 3 courses I was taking. Now I am down to one course and I have missed 3 weeks of classes since my sleeping pattern is completely reversed.”

Relapse of what? One can only guess the very bi-polar disorder that apparently led to her demise. In another entry she writes:
elisa lam

According to the the final police report on this case, her depression escalated to bi-polarity, which resulted in her finding her way to the locked roof of the Cecil Hotel, climbing to the top of a 10 foot water tank, removing her clothes, and then inserting herself into the tank via the 16 inch latch door on the top. Either she drowned herself in the tank, or she accidentally fell in, perhaps while skinny dipping in her tragically deranged psychological state. We will probably never know for sure.

A fascinating second to second analysis of her behavior in the elevator suggests Elisa was feeling a wide gamut of dissonant and fluctuating emotions the night she died, wild mood swings that include confidence, anxiety, fear, joy and even sexual preening. Hauntingly, this analysis concludes that Elisa Lam was playing some kind of bizarre form of hide and seek. Given what we now ‘know’ about her bi-polarity, she may have been both the person hiding and the person searching.

In our last writeup of this baffling–and, admittedly, sad–case, we posited a third conclusion to be drawn from the surveillance tape: that Elisa had in fact been possessed by the same insidious spirits that infected serial killers Richard Ramirez, aka the Night Stalker, and Jack Unterweger, as well as the myriad other occupants that either died mysteriously or committed suicide at the Cecil Hotel, which also happens to have been one of the last places Elizabeth Short, or the Black Dahlia, was seen on the night of her grisly murder in 1947.

At the time of our last address, we confidently predicted that if no drugs were found in Elisa Lam’s system, this would be a clear cut case of paranormal possession. Of course, we didn’t know at the time that Elisa had a history of severe depression. Even if we had, though, would we have concluded that Elisa trudged to the locked, alarm-triggered roof of the Cecil Hotel, climbed to the top of a 10 foot cistern and drowned herself? It’s just so utterly bizarre….

And unfortunately, it gets more bizarre.

A YouTube user recently claimed that the Elisa Lam CCTV footage had been slowed down and possibly edited. He makes a case that the tape was tampered with and that we have not yet seen the full extent of Elisa Lam’s final video appearance.

Obviously, more investigation would have to be conducted to confirm whether or not the video was actually slowed down and edited. The timestamp jump certainly does seem suspicious. But then again, everything in a conspiracy theory must, by definition, seem suspicious.

An even more mind-numbing new discovery concerns an outbreak of tuberculosis in Los Angeles at around the same time as Elisa Lam’s disappearance. According to the CDC, 4,500 people were exposed to a drug-resistant form of TB. Incredibly, the name of the TB test used to make this diagnosis was called the LAM ELISA test. It is a whopping coincidence, one that has actually led online conspiracists to conclude that the Elisa Lam case is part of a much more convoluted false flag biological attack.

Whether this Lam Elisa TB test is an example of predictive programming, false flag communication, or merely an incredible coincidence, the fact remains: one can’t rule out the possibility that there is some kind of a coverup going on. Take an already baffling case of a body found in a water tank and add in a haunted hotel, a TB infection with a test seemingly named after the victim, a possibly doctored surveillance tape and an abnormally delayed release of a toxicology report.

To conclude this latest dispatch in the increasingly bizarre case of Elisa Lam, we offer up yet another incredible coincidence, or another hint of predictive programming. In the 2002 film Dark Water, a girl falls into a water tank at the top of a hotel and drowns. The infected water creeps down into the hotel walls, similar to what happened at the Cecil. In the 2005 American remake of the film, two of the characters are named Dahlia and Ceci.

The Synchronicity of Evil rears its ugly head again…

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  • javaknowledge

    Yes, it may be bi-polar or drugs and there are signs it might be that….BUT…….it still doesn’t explain why the elevators DO NOT CLOSE.

    • C.C

      and then re open again on other floors without anyone to push the buttons on the floors they open up on.. someone had to be calling the elevator or the doors on the other floors wouldn’t open, the elevator wouldn’t move anywhere..

      • Snickers

        Watching the video you can see her hitting all the buttons to every floor which would make the elevator stop on every floor.

        • tomthebomb024

          the timing of the doors was VERY strange though. they sat open for minutes upon minutes, then shut and opened within a minute, then continued to open and close at random intervals. I am not suggesting something supernatural occurred, but I certainly am intrigued by the elevator’s behavior

          • MandoV

            she was probably right outside away from camera view pushing the button that would open the doors. I assume to run in quickly and get away/hide

      • Dennis

        Elisa pushed all the floor buttons before exiting the elevator

    • Andre keurentjes

      she was pushing the buttons a lot. and she probably did that too before the video started.
      she probably had a bi polar condition and started hallucinating at times .
      a signal in the brain tells you when you are experiencing things for real or thinking it .

      people who a bi polar can lack this signal sometimes, at least so i hear.

      my theory is this .
      she was tired of the illness and hallucinations and wanted to kill herself on top of the roof.
      she knew about the water tank before..

      the elevator was acting weird because she push the button a many times .
      it had a door close delay

      She resets the timers every time the door sensor sees her.

      that is why they did not close .
      she was pushing the outside button when she out of sight.
      so the doors still don not close

      when they finally start moving from floor to floor , the elevator was running the sequence she pushed the floor buttons inside.

      She went to the outside window on the first floor, took the fire escape ladder to the roof.
      then she went to the ladder or red stairs on the roof to get on the second roof.
      she dropped on top of the water tank.
      she opened the lit and jumped in .
      she never opened the lit completely , so it shut when she slides threw .

      she cannot reach the top because the water level is too low .
      so she cannot change her mind and climb out .

      we know the rest of the story.

      • Imagine20

        If you’re bi-polar and ever been thrown into a scary manic phase, this accidental death finding makes complete sense, especially if her mood stabilizer wasn’t at a therapeutic dose. (I’ve read she was taking Lamictal.) It’s possible she had no idea what she was really doing.

        • Carin Ekre Anderson

          I am bipolar….and have been in major manic states. That does not possess someone to the point of getting into and closing a water tank. All you ppl are doing is perpetuating a negative stigma. Ya know what I think? Meth. It exits the system within three days but the effect of sleep deprivation and the long term effects on the brain can cause this type of behavior even after the drugs are out of the system.
          either way….the “bipolar” theory has a ridiculous amount of homes.

      • Carin Ekre Anderson

        Bipolar people do not hallucinate.

        • Jen

          I’m not sure that is necessarily true. Someone very close and dear to me went into a psychotic break about a year ago; auditory hallucinations, some visual hallucinations, delusions, very strange behavior, etc. After being kept under close watch at a mental health facility for almost two months, she was finally diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I was convinced it was schizophrenia, as I always thought bipolar simply meant you went from mood to mood quickly and extremely. However, after this experience, it has become apparent that the disorder is not limited to those symptoms

          • LoggerheadShrike

            Those are symptoms of a psychotic break, not bipolar disorder. Everyone, regardless of whether they’re bipolar or schizophrenic or not, literally everyone, is susceptible to having a psychotic break.

        • Kasey

          Not all, but some do. This doesn’t only happen when having a psychotic break.

          • Carin Ekre Anderson

            Many times when a bp person does show these signs another disorder is present, like schizophrenia, and bc the two share symptoms can sometimes be misdiagnosed. The percentage of bp people showing signs of hallucinations are less than 1% and like I said, have other contributing disorders or factors.
            saying “she was bipolar and must have been hallucinating” is is giving the general public an idea about the disease that isn’t realistic, and seems so easily accepted….I wonder if they just looked at her diagnosis and wrote this off or if the looked at her complete psych records to see if there was any credence to the theory. I assure you in a typical bp person it would take more than just the illness to cause behavior like that. We are still conscious thinking people-we dont just out of nowhere lose touch like that. If a psychotic break due to symptoms of her bp really caused this then she would’ve shown signs hours or even days before something like this happened.

        • James Ellette

          Bipolar people are not immune to hallucinations.

      • jo

        she was standing with her back on the wall when she got out perhaps she was pushing the button?

      • Special Agent Wiggles

        Wow! You are incredible. Great scenario man!

    • Frank Hodder

      she pressed the hold door button.

  • Al Crowe-Lee

    The elevator doors do not close because she presses the ‘door hold’ button. By the way, the water tank she was found in is directly above the elevator. Spontaneous teleporting, anyone?

    • C.C

      but she didn’t disappear from the elevator, she disappeared from the hallway, not putting her directly below said water tank..

  • Harry Bolzonia

    Here is the autopsy report
    Makes for superb bedtime reading.

    • Selena

      Thank-You for the link, Harry. So, there was a men’s size large, green Alexander Keiths India Pale Ale t-shirt found with Elisa’s clothing. The murderer’s t-shirt? The parents have a civil suit with the Cecil, which has changed its name, shamelessly to Stay on Main Hotel and Hostel.

      • over the moon

        Does it really list the large male t-shirt in the autopsy report?

        • Selena

          Yes, it does list the men’s t-shirt, along with men’s black shorts. The shorts may have been Elisa’s, though. However, the t-shirt is bothersome, as I feel it is an uncommon one, And so it was ditched by whoever saw Elisa last?

          • Anon

            A green t-shirt found. yet in the cctv footage she was wearing a grey shirt under her jacket. This is grey shirt is not in the autopsy!

          • over the moon

            The implication I got from this is that the t-shirt belonged to another person who might have been there. Supposedly it was a large male t-shirt. But that is hearsay until I see that in the autopsy, she could have just been wearing a second larger shirt.

      • anon1

        Alexander Keith’s is a Canadian beer company. Tshirts are in cases of beer as giveaways…usually large sometimes medium. So yes, a Canadian girl may have in her possession a men’s large beer shirt, most girls I know lounge around in larger clothing, especially their bf’s clothes. That doesn’t take away from the fact she wasn’t wearing it, but the implication that a man was there because of a tshirt given away in the thousands to canadians is not evidence, merely speculation.

        • The Ghost Diaries

          Haha I almost deleted this thinking it was spam after all the beer talk. Glad I didn’t, really good point

  • Piedad

    Check this out.


    A very lucid theory, in my point of view.

    • Bread Sandwich

      Hide-and-seek body language? Whoever thought that has never been a young girl being pursued by someone who she is not yet sure is being friendly or is dangerous.

  • Ed

    The CCTV could be slowed down – which is obvious by observing the counter – to make identification easier because she was a missing person. Also the edit doesn’t mean much – it’s possible that the camera paused because it had a motion sensor or it was edited because nothing was happening. I think she’s talking outside the door to someone she cant see,’ she’s feeling around in the air to try and locate them and giving reasons at one point by counting on her fingers – (maybe to soldiers using cloaking dexices – a theory that has been offered with fairly convincing evidence on other sites).

    • The Ghost Diaries

      That’s a wild theory. So do the proponents of cloaking device/soldier theory think this was some kind of psyop?

  • Stoney

    This story still freaks me out today. I believe she must have been murdered.

  • Stefan Matthias

    Maybe she tried to hide in the water tank? That would also explain her strange behaviour in the elevator, maybe she was really chased or just thought it becouse of some mental thing and so scared that she got into that dissociated state not knowing where to go. If she thought that she could only go to the top of the building as the person(s) chasing her where supposedly coming from the bottom and at the top she had the idea of hiding in the tank rather than jumping of the building when the chasers would arive. (sry for the bad english, it´s just my second language after german).


    • Carrie-Anne

      But she was naked in the water tank? Why would she take her clothes off to hide from somebody?

    • Bojangles

      I read in another report that they had to drill a hole to open the water tank. If it’s that difficult to open, how did she get in??

      • Artur Ludwig Brzuza

        The hole was only 16 inches wide, bodies tend to bloat after being in the water too long.

        • Bojangles

          Workers had to cut the tank open to remove her body. The lids of the water tanks are so heavy, furthermore, that it is likely impossible one person could have moved them. How, then, did she get into the tank and then replace the lid behind her?

  • Alex sam

    I feel like there should be more footage. Majority of hotels have cameras in the hallway… So where’s the footage of that?

  • mentalhealthprofessional35

    The lam elisa test was around way before this happened. What a bunch of crap. If more people worked in mental health this behavior wouldn’t seem bizarre at all. This was the manic aspect of bi-polar and not depression. and when someone is this manic they become what is called schizo-affective. Reality and perception is distorted, paranoia, hallucinations amongst other things. unfortunately when someone like this has their sleep schedule turned around, it’s like they are on hallucinogens. No conspiracy. Just a sad event for a very sweet and innocent kid. Stop exploiting her for entertainment.

    • Roy A

      Thank you. I’m no psychology expert but I have been depressed and I have experienced the mania described. People don’t realized where a stressed mind is capable of taking them. I used to pretend there was an insane person living in my apartment trying to kill me but then every once in a while him and I would just sit and talk all out of loneliness and depression. Just an example of things a person will do in a manic state. Who knows what she was thinking but I feel sad for her loved ones and also sad because I identify with her condition.

      • The Ghost Diaries

        I suffer chronic depression and have a family history of borderline personality and bipolar so let me assure you, our fascination with this stems partially from trying to understand and see into the darkness of the human mind. Ultimately, that can be just as horrifying and mystifying as the paranormal. I feel awful for Elisa Lam, which is why I spent days pouring over her blog and tumblr account, trying to get inside her mind. The readers here raise some incredibly interesting points about the problematic logistics of how this went down. This could be paranormal, a case of stalking and murder, or just tragic human error. But I just wanted to reiterate that we approached this from the beginning with awe, sympathy and terror, not malice or click-bait avarice. In fact, this article went unread for nearly a half year before people starting taking notice of just how creepy it is.

    • The Ghost Diaries

      No exploitation is intended. This is a genuinely creepy story and we do not disparage mental illness.

    • Owais

      Lets suppose everything you said is correct then what about the elevator?? It wasn’t working when she was near but when she left it worked normally.

      • Deejaydub

        I think her behaviour in the elevator is more plausible to be some form of schizo paranoia than possession but how did she bypass the alarmed locked door for access to the roof? If she found a key to the door and was able to bypass the alarm to the hotel, then I could believe in her ‘state of mind’ getting inside the water tank may have seemed like the right thing to do.

        • v3ss

          That one , is the biggest questionmark.

    • YLIME

      I agree with mentalhealthprofessional35…once you throw schizoaffective or psychosis into the mix, all bets are off. The way she was behaving on the elevator was as if she was “feeling the air” to see if her hallucinations were palpable. All of this was likely in her head. But isn’t that the scariest thing of all? The most terrifying thing to get away from is yourself.
      And I don’t know about LAM ELISA, but ELISA is a test that is used for a million different things in biology…it’s definitely not new. It stands for Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay.

    • Ashley

      Her behavior can easily be explained by her mental disorder, what doesn’t make sense is how the elevator acted as well as how she passed through an alarmed (and presumably locked) rooftop access door and then into an (also presumably locked) water cistern, and then closed the lid behind herself and drowned.

  • Ladymcbox

    ELISA is actually the name for an entire class of medical testing. It stands for something and has to do with the method of testing. My son has a chronic medical condition and has had several ELISA labs.

    • C.C

      it stands for enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay and your right. :0)

      • Selena

        Thank-You, CC. Many articles/posts make it seem like they are related, but it is a coincidence. I had no idea until I saw your post :-)

  • http://www.oneduality.com oneduality

    My biggest questions remain, I only just learned of this case..

    1. How did she bypass the two entry points to the roof? one is said to be an alarmed door, the second is an emergency exit… either one would have set of an alarm.. only employees are supposedly able to access the roof.

    2. She got into the tank obviously pretty easily.. why did the fire department have to cut it open?

    3. I have two families that are severely bipolar and I’ve yet to see anything like this in my 36 years alive.. not saying it’s not possible.. but I’ve not seen this kind of behavior

    4. WHY DID THE ELEVATOR NOT WORK!? she was pressing all of the floor buttons… yet the door stayed gaping wide open… it wasn’t until she was off frame for a while that the elevator decided to function, and you see it stop at multiple floors .. open… close… just as you’d expect.. she seemed to be trying to get off of that floor…

    None of it adds up.. and I suppose none of it ever will ..

    • Alex

      I know the truth. That was just a part of Alternative Reality Game. ELISA LAM never existed.

      • The Ghost Diaries

        That’s awesome

        • Care

          So someone says the truth is that she never existed…….and pretty much NOBODY pays attention! People just carry on with their guessing games because that’s so much more fun isn’t it. So much of what we take for granted is actually completely made up, it really wouldn’t surprise me if this was also. MAYBE…..just occasionally when someone says they know the truth, they really do. Reality game. Precisely.

  • C.C

    Ok a couple concerns I have here, ONE..in a HOTEL or even a MOTEL there are cameras in elevators, down hallways and usually in service stairwells and definately on rooftops but seemingly not here? or….where’s the footage?!?

    TWO…Who’s pushing the buttons after the elevator starts working again that it would stop and open the door on other floors? because the way they work..someone has to push for the elevator on the floor your on to make the door open..

    THREE…How did she know the directions to the roof, without tripping the alarm, and how’d she know that if she climbed a latter there would be water in the vat she could drown/swim in? If it was premeditated due to bipolar disorder she would have had to have previous knowledge of the route and that vat and its location on the roof etc..

    FOUR..it looks to me like she’s talking to someone when she gets out of the elevator, we just can’t see them.

    FIVE.. Have you EVER known the streets of LA ANYWHERE especially there to be empty, quiet, and devoid of a single soul with not a business open? because that could be the only way she went through this event without anyone on the outside of the hotel seeing her ever. It would be pretty out of place and therefore, pretty distracting to passers by. This part of LA has a huge nightlife, i’d find it hard to believe NO ONE was ANYWHERE around and NEVER saw her..

    • Joe – HU

      No.2 question. She pushed all the buttons before she left,
      so the elevator just follows the order one by one.

    • Joe – HU

      the question No1. is really interesting! maybe not on roof, but on the hallways?

    • http://www.mattsilver.ca/ Matt S

      Not claiming I know the actual answers to your questions, but here’s some reasonably sound answers that fit:

      #1. If in fact the hotel is as seedy and downtrodden as folks say, it’s not a leap to think that there might not be top notch security systems in place. I can think of many instances where public cameras and/or security systems didn’t work when the police went to ”check the tape’ of various places.

      #2. Elisa pushes the buttons – seems pretty noticeable on the video.

      #3. We don’t know when she got to the roof, so she may have wandered the hotel’s top floor until she found the hatch to the roof… Ask any curious minded person (myself incl) if they’ve ever seen a stairwell or ladder leading up to a roof and asked themselves: ”I wonder what it’s like up there?” Or if you take from the theories of foul play – she could have been lead there by somebody who was manipulating her inability to make sound choices and they lead her up there.

      #4. If we can’t see who she is talking to, it could be ANYONE (or no one). Heck it could be a passerby who almost came into the frame, got freaked out by her and turned around and went the other way. I know I would.

      #5. I have to admit I don’t know LA well enough to answer specifically to this context, but I can give you the answer any first year psych student would know. Shared difference. People are far less likely to take action or think that something is out of place if nobody else is taking initiative. Statistically you’re far more likely to be saved if you’re being beaten, raped, murdered, if there is 1 or 2 people witnessing the crime than if there were many people witnessing the crime.

      Again… these are only plausible explainations which is not meant to be taken as THE truth.

  • Joe – HU

    I just met with this story and the “explanations”
    behind. As a strongly sceptic person, I found enough evident about a terrible but
    self-made accident. that is a question that nobody will answer ever, that poor
    girl want only to swim or really want to make the end of her life. The only
    think what I do not understand, even watching the real speed CCTV video, that
    when the girl is on the picture (and visibly not touching any button, and not
    between sensors) why the door of the elevator does not close – like later when
    the elevator just going down its opens and closes the door exactly 5 sec. while
    when she enters there are minimum 8 sec after the last button pushed or 19 sec.
    when she is outside, but it is visible that she is out of the sensor line and
    she can not hold the call button because she is with her back to the wall. Can
    somebody explain this to me pls?

    • Jimspy

      I just read on another blog that someone went to the Cecil Hotel and found out that the “Hold” button places the elevator in a two-minute hold. So that mystery is solved.

  • C.C

    Also after reading the autopsy report I have a query..how is it that this woman who wears a size small petite underwear was wearing a size medium MENS shorts? even her sweater she was wearing was xs…
    Also, there’s the presence of sand? and only her sweater was wet? not her shirt,shorts, underwear..only sweater..

    And i’m having a hard time believing that’s a real autopsy report for such statements as ” i made incisions in the usual way” and “have been submitted to the lab” um..in medical school that would have earned me an F…you have to describe how each cut is made, each time, you have to be specific about what labs, what went where and what tests are being run..there is never such generalized terms as used in that alleged autopsy report, also it has hardly any identifying information on it, there is never an autopsy that has just the year, random number and her name..i’d tout this one as a bogus autopsy.

    • Joe – HU

      I have a theory. but it is less paranoia like the others.
      Someone a stuff member (who knew the location of all working camera, who was
      able to open an alarmed door to the roof, and who knew that the girl has some
      weak points – that you can tell after a few personal meetings (like reception
      desk talks)), invited her to the roof, for some activity (and this person is
      holding the button of the elevator from the hallway, not letting the girl
      leaving, till she gave up, and steps out and leave with the person (human not a
      ghost, only a human can be so evil). and then something went wrong up there…

      • tanforoneday

        i rewatched…you nailed it. the button being held is now obvious. thank you for pointing this out

      • Deejaydub

        I like the way you are thinking as I too don’t believe it was some form of ghost. However, when she steps in to the hallway she acts like she is looking for someone… looking both ways and grasping at air. If someone was standing there she would have looked directly at them.

  • http://www.mattsilver.ca/ Matt S

    Being a pragmatist, I can only bring myself to believe 2 plausible explanations that wouldn’t involve the usage of government intervention or supernatural theories:

    #1. That Elisa having a mental illness and poor decision making skills entered the water tank of her own choice. This would be predicated on the possibility that there was a wonky alarm system on the doors leading to the roof AND that some of the cameras were not working or maintained properly preventing anyone from seeing her ascent to the roof. Does this seem like a reasonable explanation for a hotel that has positioned itself as having a mysterious backstory while being in a seedy area of the city? To me it does.

    #2. The second potential is that Elisa was brought to the hotel roof by a person or party (probably within the hotel staff) who was predatory in nature. The hope would be to take advantage of an obviously attractive but mentally ill person. This would be predicated on the idea that a person had knowledge of how to get Elisa up to the roof, and that they would have to do so with minimal physical force as to not show signs of foul play (which isn’t all that hard to do for people taking full advantage of a person with poor decision making skills from the start)… Is it possible that predatory instincts exist in people to take advantage of a person with mental illness (especially if they are young and attractive and possibly even showing signs of desire to play along)? I think it’s more than possible..

    So there’s my pragmatic theories which are not meant to discount the opinions of those who prefer the theories of supernatural forces or government intervention, but rather to provide some more statistically plausible answers…

  • frank

    If she removed her clothes, were they not found by the police. was the cause of death drowning? the elevator may have been on a stop setting which after a while cancels out. then it would proceed to each floor that she pushed open and close quickly. I do believe in the supernatural but not so much in this case. Yet, did anyone but me not notice a large black cloud very fine in the elevator. (Maybe just shadows, or me grasping at straws.)

    • Robert Simpson

      kinda like the shadows for something being recorded over. what type of recording media did the hotel use….vhs?

  • Wuz nt Me

    I have a security camera in my kitchen (overlooks the living room also) and if I were to post footage of myself from numerous random occasions I’m sure people would diagnose me with all sorts of mental disorders…
    I don’t find her behavior all that odd. She seems playful rather than scared.
    As for the rest of the oddities, I have no idea. My first thought about the elevator’s behavior was that it might be in some sort of service mode. Although, my own, very limited, knowledge about elevators is that the service mode is operated with a key from inside the elevator. So, I would assume that the door would only stay open until someone walked inside and made it close.

  • http://angelasdiscountmarket.com/angela.html Angela Gatlin Edwards

    I think someone PREVENTED those elevator doors from closing which puzzled and then frightened Elisa. I think perhaps someone “offed” her and I think it’s very sad that her death was ruled “accidental” before any real investigation has taken place. Wonder what her family thinks?

  • Laura Figueroa

    Has anyone notice the movement in the elevator as she goes in and and when they close and open. Seems as if someone or something was in there with her.
    What “if” she some kind of possession and was not depressed and did not have any form of mental illness????? (Culture, Illuminati, Mental Illness, Paranormal ) It all it too damn weird and creepy.

    By the way, did they find her clothing around the tank?

  • Laura Figueroa

    Also, her mouthsee was distorted when it looks as if she was talking to someone.

    I think a cult member did this, a crack/meth head but most likely, someone see knew. There’s a lot of people like that in the area beside the fact that it’s down the street from skid row. Downtown itself was a place you would not want be around after 8or9 pm 2-3 years ago…

  • Dan

    Bipolar is depression now? You might not want to define things, in future, if you have no understanding of what they are. Please don’t speak if you have no idea of which you speak of.

  • Robert Simpson

    does it look like this was recorded or or does anyone remember how vhs tape looked when you recorded over it.

  • Valya

    I am half and half on this. I think this is a confluence of events. The principle of synchronicity. Negative and violent events at a location can create energetic repeating or random imprints, otherwise called ghosts or ghostly phenomenon. Especially when it is layered as in such a place as the Hotel Cecil. A person suffering mental illness with sleep deprivation no less I believe could be susceptible to these sorts of influences more than a person who is completely sane and healthy. Thusly, it could be mental illness and it could be paranormal entities using that vulnerability as an entrance. Her body movements appeared to me as being puppeted or controlled by something incongruous with a normal human movement. That also begs another question, why would she be called to such an odd, seedy, historically evil place by reputation to spend her vacation -alone- from Vancover? Why is this occurence along the lines of the movie Dark Water? Did she see the movie Dark Water? Did she study this hotel and know its history and went as far to see how it was built? Did this particular hotel draw her through the movie? At what point this was actually set in motion could it have been months or just that day? Getting through locked doors and passing alarms to the roof seems to me paranormal assistance or influence rather than being ushered by some worker who was waiting for her after she’s doing odd things, beyond hiding, in an elevator that she kept stepping in and out of erratically whilst pushing buttons randomly and in a strange way. Obviously, no mention of the Dark Water movie in her blogs. Although, she had pictures of rooftops in her blogs and tall buildings with people walking on them or being on top of them. Also, the synchronicity of ELISA LAM and the LAM ELISA test. To me that would point to paranormal synchronicity. And me trying to explain events leading to synchronicity detailed such as this is beyond confusing. Even what I’ve tried to explain sounds so weird I know :-/. It is a principle of measuring cause and effect of things that seemingly should not be linked but states there is no coincidence in the universe. This feels to me that there are so many confluences and coincidences and historical paranormal anomolies that this all came together in an exceedingly rare and frightening occurrence, and part of it was filmed like a horror ‘movie’ re-creation in and of itself. And the elevator doors weren’t acting normally and there was a misty substance in some frames. The timestamp issue could have been a stopping and starting and skipping of time other dimensionally in that paranormal situation. I really don’t know what the Illuminati would have gotten out of this even by conspiracy standards, esp. since I don’t know if they actually exist. I’m viewing this as a paranormal confluence of events that pulled in or attracted a very vulnerable girl. If there were female predator serial killer ghosts and ghostly imprints of tragedy and death there in that hotel it does fit into the synchronicity theory with all other factors I considered. One of the greatest mysteries I’ve seen in a long time.

    • The Ghost Diaries

      Brilliantly said. We’ve written before about the Synchronicity of Evil–coincidences that just seem to defy a materialistic, rationalist viewpoint, though I have heard a mathematician break down the statistical likelihood of coincidences in a way that was rather convincing…Either way, good analysis.

      • Valya

        Thank you…

    • Shinobu Sensui

      You have certainty done your homework, this is one of the best post’s Ive read on here
      involving this case. Very strange events for myself to have somehow found out about this
      case and have been experiencing synchronicity lately, have always been susceptible
      to spirits&apparitions have always experienced synchronicity; I never new it had a name
      until two days ago, I am also Bipolar but suffer from type one unlike this girl who I believe
      to be type two. Ive never experienced any hallucinations aside from what could be
      considered audible hallucinations and only once have I experienced that during a mental
      breakdown. With that said I do have friends with type two and they act schizophrenic
      I want to think this weird chain of events were only from mental illness,
      but so much is at hand here like what you pointed out. The first thing I questioned
      when I read about this is what drew her to that hotel, only to find out about the synchronicity
      involving all of the relations between these events, really strange. One thing Ive tried to
      wrap my head around was how she was able to close the lid of the water heater
      with it supposedly being 10ft deep, not sure of the width though? The other thing being
      the camera that looks to have been either messed up or Edited.

      • Valya

        Thank you Shinobu…I could actually map this Elisa Lam thing, but I have been exposed to direct paranormal synchronicities so it’s hard on me personally to relive it through another. Thank goodness my family and I did not have death as a result, just paranormal occurences. Simply, the way energy in the universe works through human beings in any given state is a mystery that sometimes crosses ‘the veil’ to this side. Many old cultures believed mental illness is spiritual in origin…or another perspective of the mind in the universe. Good luck to you! Good thoughts your way.

  • Tizme

    The strange thing is that the lift seems like it goes up all the way to the top floor, maybe the roof top at the end of the video. The light in the floor is brighter and is like sunlight.

  • Joyce Yagoda

    That is really creepy!! Why did she stay there when that hotel is in skid row. Why didn’t her parents know where she was? The Asians keep their children held very close to them.

  • SS

    Haven’t read any of the other comments, but I’m wondering why the elevator doors stayed open like that. She doesn’t appear to lock them, and if she did she doesn’t appear to unlock them. They just stay open. It almost seems like she’s waiting for them to close, and, perhaps because of her mental state, is moving around strangely in an effort to figure out why they won’t close. Then she walks out, and doesn’t re-enter the elevator even though it continues to open and close. Even when she moves her hands around the doors of the elevator, almost like she’s feeling for something, it looks like she’s trying to figure out why the doors are stuck open. Is the elevator fucking with her already fragile mind? I’m just saying. We need Mulder and Scully on this one.

  • Ryan

    In response to this article… With all due respect to the author, it is clear that he or she does not understand bi-polar disorder. This article states the “depression killed her.” If it was Bi-Polar disorder, the cause of death likely occurred while being in a manic phase (The “UP” side) and not the depressive phase.

    Being someone that suffers from Bi-Polar disorder, I can describe to you that mania is similar to being high on drugs. Trust me, I know what drugs are like because I had a lot of fun in college.

    Being manic can be (but not always be) absolutely and utterly f’ing insane. Sometimes its great. You can feel on top of the world and feel unconquerable. Perhaps even doing something like writing half of a novel in one day. Truly amazing things can occur while being manic. However, other times are not so great. Just like a bad acid trip, you can have a bad manic trip. An example is that you are terrified to the point of paranoia, I’ve even heard of hallucinations occurring. I’ve taken Lamectal, at many different doses. I’ll be honest, I’ve had marginal success. Manic episodes still occurred (instead of 4-6 a year, there were maybe 1-3 a year).

    I guess what I am saying is that I don’t feel that this is much of a mystery. There were some oddities and I know people would love to believe in ghosts, conspiracies, or other phenomena, but I just find it to be likely. So, in my opinion, case closed.

  • Mandalay burns

    Did the coroner perform a spinal tap to test for LSD? Her behavior in the video is remarkably consistent with a person that has taken a high dose hallucinogens and LSD wouldn’t show in a typical tox screen.

  • Carin Ekre Anderson

    Bipolar people do not have disconnected psychotic breaks like her behavior in the elevator. That would be schizophrenic behavior. The appalling use of bipolar disorder when she had no diagnosis besides depression is only perpetuating the stigma that people with bipolar disorder are inherently crazy and unstable. Ridiculous. Also, depression does not just morph into bp….bp is a lifelong chemical disorder thata person either has or not. So much stupidity here…I can’t even. Do your homework before publishing.

  • JDE

    she was an insomniac. Sleep disturbances can cause somnambulism. Sleep walking would explain all of this. It’s difficult to tell if the person is awake or asleep, but the behaviors pretty much echo this. They seem “in control” but do REALLY odd things as if hallucinating.

  • Al Is On

    Has anyone even considered she might have been sleepwalking? She said she had been having sleep problems. Maybe she was on sleep drugs that caused the sleep walking. It happens!

    • Andre

      Sleep walking? How can you sleep walk and climb onto the roof of a hotel building with a “lock and alarm”, open a heavy ass lid to a water tank take your clothes off, and end up dead inside?

      • Yen

        It may sound absurd but I once went on vacations with my family and my 14 year old brother (I guess because of the lack of sleep from the flights etc.) started sleep walking late at night. He left the apartment with a chair, closed the door, and tried locking it with the chair. I don’t know how long he spent outside but he then started knocking on the door. Sleep walking wasn’t anything out of the norm because he has done it since he was little. However, we were a little surprised that he was able to do all that and not wake up.

  • Anna lock

    I have to say that I agree with about of what everyone is doing concerning bi-polar. But there is something that did draw my attention. Did anyone notice the movement with the blotchness of the camera. I’m only saying that it was reminding me of video shots on paranormal shows that had the same effect. They would show and point out an area showing paranormal activity. It was blotchy but you could tell something was moving around. It just bothered me because it wasn’t like blotchy jumps popping from here to there all over the place. It has a weird movement like something moving …just a little. Maybe it’s just me but it did catch my eye.

  • Chuckles

    The bipolar explanation does not work. Mood shifts in bipolars occur after time, not an acute onset.

  • Brittany Phillips

    It looks like she got in the elevator and then heard **or felt something that spooked her…her reaction is exactly the reaction I would have if I thought someone was following me…especially of the paranormal sort…I would be silently panicked…peak out really really quick…hop back in the elevator and scootch to the corner…exactly what I would do at least and what she did…then it looks like she’s talking to someone…how long was she staying there…whatever it was could have been spooking her for a few days or so and she might have finally confronted it to her demise…………………………………..

  • Liz

    Stop summarizing bipolar as being depression or extreme depression. Psychosis is most frequently occuring in a manic or “mixed state”. Mania causes reckless behavior and psychosis, amongst other things. Depression is not really known to have psychosis as a symptom. A mixed state, which shares characterizations of both depression and mania, has the highest rate of suicide amongst the bipolar states. If it was bipolar she had, get it right and call it such throughout the article. Do your research and get it right if you want to remain credible.

    • over the moon

      YOU GUYS, she had all three. Her doctors have confirmed that prior to this event Lam was suffering 1) Depression 2) Bipolar disorder and 3) possible schizophrenic symptoms. These illnesses can have synergistic affects on each other. The research was done, not really sure why this point is confusing you.

      • Valya

        So do any mixture of states, that even cause A. A psychotic break B. Somnambulism C. Depression D. Mania explain coincidental anomalies that are statistically staggering? Do these states create the ability to get through locked doors and alarms? If she was in a manic state to break down the doors, the alarms would have been tripped. If she was in a psychotic break or sleepwalking and a predator that worked there just happened to take advantage of her state of mind and unlock the doors and guide her (after she is acting possessed in an elevator, she wasn’t evading anyone in my opinion) to her demise in a water tank with no sign of rape or foul play to the body? This is a case where the weight of evidence is in the realm of mystery that can’t be solved, to be diplomatic.

  • ReddDogg

    Is this the only hotel on the planet that doesn’t have security camera’s in the hallways?? Why is this the only video? FAKE

  • Ashley

    I am a Psychology student and I recently read several
    chapters about abnormal psychology and that girl’s behavior did not match that
    of someone suffering from bipolar disorder. She more closely matched someone
    with schizophrenia in the hotel video. Bipolar disorder is characterized by
    impulsive behavior, depression and mood swings, not strange movements and
    apparent hallucinations. Those are characteristic of schizophrenia, which she
    did not seem to have according to reports of her health history. Just to add more strangeness to the case…

  • Guest

    Honestly. This is very mysterious. I do not think anything supernatural is going on, simply because in my expdrience as a human being, in most cases however eerie they seem the cause has always been natural. This does not have to do with me being narrowminded at all, but the fact that all things of life has to do with assesment of probability, and to me the most probable that her strange behaviour was due to the fact of her being drugged, despite them not finding anything in her system, drugs have halflife, her body had been decaying for 2 weeks. I am most certain a hotel employee is a culprit. I think it is a bit upsetting the fact they just ruled it an accident, this is either due to incompetence or hiding something, probably incompetence. The clip does seem to be editet. Now, all this strongly indicate that some scumbag with control of the hotels central command center. The elevators function was tampered with, the rooftop was accessed and seemingly the footage aswell was tampered with. All this strongly indicates that somebody working at the hotel was culprit, somebody with technological access. Now this is a good first lead from which alot can be found out. The fact that they did not immediately start to investigate is a disgrace!

    Instead of finding out paranormal indicators the internet should put their wise heads together and find real explenations. Maybe somebody could find out what people are working with the technological central command center at the hotel?

    • The Ghost Diaries

      More than a couple ppl have supposed someone at the hotel, with intimate knowledge of the roof and security systems, may be responsible. Frankly, it’s suspicious that there is only one bit of surveillance of her. Did she not check in, or walk down any other hallways during her albeit short stay?

  • LAM

    She was never on any drugs

  • Rub0453

    Please explain the unidentified foot she steps over in the last frame you see of her

  • Dennis

    I noticed the video on right that was slowed down at the end there is a shadowy image of a mans face mid to late 20’s
    . The first video I watched when the vacant elevator moved the door was closed and could see a figure of a mans face looked to be late 50’s early 60’s.

  • Wri Ter

    What I find weird is someone continuing to use her tumblr account. A lot of activity in the month immediately after she died, and the latest in December 2013

    • The Ghost Diaries

      REALLY?? What kind of activity–like tributes to her, or posts that seemed to originate elsewhere….by someone connected to her, maybe someone who knew what happened to her….

  • j

    there was news that she had bipolar disorder and that may explain the strange behaviour, the movie may have been a trigger


    It looks like she is doing the Elevator Ritual http://blahknow.blogspot.ca/2013/08/games-you-dont-want-to-play-3.html