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Interview w/ Micah Hanks, Author of The UFO Singularity

The Ghost Diaries’ first webcast features an interview with author and researcher Micah Hanks, whose book The UFO Singularity explores the UFO phenomenon within the context of exponentially accelerating technology and intelligence. There aren’t many UFOlogists who bring such analytical and trenchant critique to the field while also illuminating new paradigms in exobiology.

Topics discussed include alien life, the Fermi Paradox, Terrence McKenna and his insights into bio-SETI and anomalous fungi spores, drone technology, psychological warfare, artificial intelligence, and the Singularity. We urge readers to get a copy of Micah Hank’s book The UFO Singularity. He is also the author of Magic, Mysticism and the Molecule.

You can learn more about Micah Hanks’ ongoing research on the GralienReport.com and his site MicahHanks.com. He also produces a weekly podcast that airs on Sunday 8-10 PM EST on the KGRA radio network.

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3 Responses to “Interview w/ Micah Hanks, Author of The UFO Singularity”
  1. Milton Finch says:

    Very nice level of quality in the production of the Micah Hanks piece! Nice site! I will include it among my favorites.

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