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How to Find Out Who Died In Your Home

The new website is a pretty marvelous concept, though it’s hard to imagine most people using it for anything besides ghoulish, morbid delight. What adolescent hasn’t pondered the souls who once lived in his childhood home, wondering if someone died in the very room in which he now fantasizes about women on a daily basis?

One might wonder: who would want to know such a thing? Well, Ghost Hunters for one. This is a potentially invaluable resource for paranormal researchers making a list of sites for future séances. Find out who previously lived and died in homes that now seem to be haunted. Research the lives of the deceased and look for coherent patterns of activity. Maybe a little boy died while playing his violin and now at night the homeowners hear soft violin noises. Yes, the site DOES tell you how the person died. This alone could occupy hundreds of hours of entertainment.

It’s the perfectly morbid site for our imperfectly morbid world. Brings smiles to our faces–well, sinister grins actually.

We must now report that last evening one of the Ghost Diaries writers looked up his childhood home and was shocked to see himself listed as having died 10 years earlier…on the exact day he ‘woke up’ from life-threatening surgery.

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