Mayan Calendar Foresaw Zombie Uprising!

Ever since we read that Homeland Security has a real-life zombie uprising prevention department we’ve been thinking hard about the reality of zombies. That is, the concept that some of kind of government or CIA experiment gone wrong could actually infect the general population with a maddening virus. It’s really not as unlikely as you might think. After all, is this not the same government that regularly feeds us fluoride, disinformation, GMOs, and God-knows what else?

CIA experimentation is not a conspiracy—it’s a well documented fact, starting with Project MKULTRA in the 60s and evolving into paranormal military experiments and experiments on children. CIA operatives been identified in everything from the Jonestown massacre to the recent Colorado shooting.

It might not be long until one of these serums designed to anesthetize us for the New World Order goes wrong and bursts from the underground lab in the form of murderous, flesh-eating zombie cannibals. Imagine the nightmarish orgy of anarchy, violence and, scariest of all, martial law that would follow!

For these reasons, as you celebrate Halloween tonight you might get a kick out of imagining trick-or-treaters dressed as zombies getting chased down and eviscerated by real zombies. After all, it is 2012. Who’s to say the recent ‘bath salts’ incidents and brainwashed shootings weren’t just the opening salvo of what the Mayan calendar really signified with its abrupt end—a zombie apocalypse via federal toxins?

With that in mind, here’s your Halloween mind candy, Ghost Diary Readers, the most freaky zombie clips of all time:

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