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Freakish YouTube Videos You Need To See

Isn’t the Internet glorious? Endless media and information, just waiting for consumption. Fortunately, for paranormal lovers or people that just plain like being creeped out, there is a place you can go to flood your eyes and ears with disturbing videos until your soul can take no more. That place is called YouTube, and, as we’ve posted about before, it is a treasure trove of eerie videos.

Recently, the Ghost Diaries has extended its love of found footage horror movies to explore the genre in the most current apocryphal form: freakish Internet videos. Here are few more additions to the collection:

Real eerie found footage

As described in their YouTube summaries, these creepy old videos were supposedly found at an estate sale in large unmarked boxes. There are dozens more online and, yes, we watched every one of them. Here are our two favorites:

Demon possession

Whether this is real or not, it will haunt your dreams or, more likely, nightmares.

wikileaks ufo footage

Wikileaks has simultaneously become the freedom fighter for information advocacy and the next Al Queda for governments and corporations. They’ve supposedly released cables showing top secret UFO footage and while most of the videos on YouTube are almost certainly fakes, there are a few we find entertaining.

monster confession

If you watch any of these videos, watch the last 3 minutes of confessed schizophrenic serial killer Aileen Wuornos. Among other things, she predicts we’re all going to be nuked in 2019.

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  1. 1337B337 says:

    Those first two were pretty creppy, glad you pointed me to his/her channel.

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