aliens on the moon

Evidence of Aliens on Mars and the Moon

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If you’re interested in aliens, there’s a fella I wanna tell you about, fella by the name of Richard C. Hoagland, “hyper-dimensional” physicist and co-author of the book Dark Mission: The Secret History of NASA. He believes the National Aeronautics and Space Administration is concealing the existence of aliens on the Moon and Mars.

Hoagland’s journey of “truth” began after completing an extensive examination of the Cydonia region of Mars, which contains the legendary Face and Giza-like pyramids. Though the image of the Face was dismissed as a trick of shadow and light over two decades ago, its legacy persists in conspiracy theory circles.

For Hoagland, there’s more going on than optical illusions: there’s a full-scale NASA coverup. He cites the still-unsolved disappearance of the Mars Observer as evidence. More importantly, he claims to have decoded a “tetrahedral geometry” to Cydonia, which suggests that its surface features are actually the ruins of an extraterrestrial civilization. In addition to pyramids, he asserts the existence of a Sphinx- completing a full cycle of Egyptian verisimilitude.

On to the moon….
evidence of aliens on moonAfter color-correcting and enhancing photographic images originally collected from the Apollo missions in the 60s and 70s, Hoagland claims to have discovered evidence of ancient lunar engineering: the existence of vast, semi-transparent geometric superstructures, including a mile-high crystal castle named the Tower of Babel.

He cites as evidence a 1955 Disney movie called Man in Space, a dramatization of a journey to the moon in which a geometric structure on the lunar surface is revealed. BOTH the director, Wernher Von Braun, a rocket engineer, Nazi SS officer, and close friend to Heinreich Himmler, AND producer Walt Disney were Scottish Rite Freemasons, as were, incidentally, four of the twelve men who walked on the moon.
Masonic bloodlines run through NASA

But wait, so why have the Apollo astronauts never mentioned seeing artifacts of aliens, glass castles soaring above the lunar horizon? According to conspiracists, it’s because they were hypnotized by the occult secret society of Masonic bloodlines controlling NASA.

aliens artifacts on Mars
evidence of alien lunar engineering

Lunar engineering?

evidence of aliens on the moon

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  • Paul

    I watched a Stephen Hawking documentary in which he suggested aquatic alien civilizations made live under the vast frozen sea on the outer moon Titan. Crazy to think about.

    • theghostdiaries

      The possibilities are endless. Some scientists say advanced alien civilizations may live near the centers of galaxies and harvest energy from the black holes. It’s hard to say for sure whether aliens have been within our solar system, but it’s certainly worth investigating, especially given the multitude of reputable astronauts and military pilots who have reported UFOs in orbit and in the upper atmosphere. The solar system has been here for a long time, plenty of time for a wayward civilization to plant its seed, or at least leave a few mementos.

      • Thei

        It’s hard for governments like ours to spend large amtuons of money on things that are:a) very expensiveb) out in the public viewc) not exciting in some wayWhich, sadly, our space program was all 3. (If there had been a military need to set up a base on the moon, it would already be there of course though few people would know about it, because it’d totally be top secret and it’d be hidden in the budget as extra toilet paper for naval bases or some such nonsense.)

  • Paddy

    Ok…I’m am not a freemason but did you know hitler killed over 800,000 freemasons,so chances of one of his high ranking ss officers being one is pretty slim…also if you really did your research you would know that through history the societies that became the freemasons (The Brotherhood,Templars etc) have always had the agenda of wanting a free world where everyone can live without tyranny and practice whatever religion they choose…the USA was founded on these principles…if this makes it an evil society then I’m very confused…do your homework…

    • theghostdiaries

      Most of the information presented here is other people’s research, books, thoughts. Nothing is stated as fact. :) Thought experiments for people who like to experiment with thought. Don’t shoot the messenger.

      Thanks for reading,

    • sam

      USA was built on what ? a free society? who’s free soviety? USA has always put their noses in conflicts that had nothing to do with USA’s freedom. Maybe you should do your homework.
      Theretical is one thing and most beliefs are theoretical but Truth is experience. Beliefs are rarely reality. it is mostly mind conditionned.