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Dangerously Haunted New England Cemeteries and the Things You Should NEVER do there

5 years, 7 months ago
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By best-selling paranormal author Joni Mayhan

For many, cemeteries are tranquil places where the dead can rest in peace. For others, it’s the place where nightmares are manufactured. If you decide to explore these dangerously haunted cemeteries, know that you do so at your own risk. You might not like the consequences.

Union Cemetery, Easton, Connecticut


This cemetery is so absurdly haunted, Ed and Lorraine Warren, the world-renown demonologists, wrote a book about it, entitled Graveyard. Located in southeastern Connecticut, near the New York border, this cemetery dates back to the early 1700s.

People often report seeing a White Lady roaming the cemetery grounds. Dressed in a white nightgown and bonnet, she has been described as having long dark hair, and has been also seen in the roadway along Route 59. Some say she also haunts the Stepney Cemetery in nearby Monroe, CT, spending her time walking back and forth between the two graveyards.

While no one knows who she is for certain, many people speculate that the White Lady is the ghost of a woman who was murdered after slaying her husband in the 1940s. Others contest she is the apparition of a woman who was brutally murdered in the early 1900s and dumped in a ditch near the cemetery.

Other sightings in the cemetery are far spookier. People have witnessed glowing red eyes peering at them from the darkness. Many believe it is the specter of Earle Kellog, who died after being set afire across the street in 1935.

What You Should Never Do In This Cemetery

Always pay attention while driving past this cemetery. Several motorists have nearly gotten into accidents after the White Lady suddenly appeared in the middle of the road before them. One person pulled off to the side after the sighting, finding a mysterious dent in his car from the impact with the dead woman.

Dean Hill Road Cemetery, Fitchburg, Massachusetts


The Dean Hill Road Cemetery, known locally as The Rev, due to its numerous Revolutionary War graves, is rife with legends. Located down a long, narrow dead-end road, the stage is set far before you arrive at your destination.

People who visit the cemetery have heard blood curdling screams which seem to come from everywhere. Some say satanic rites were performed in the woods surrounding the desolate cemetery, causing the area to become deadly quiet for several years .People who visited were so unnerved by the absence of insect, bird and animal sounds, they left shortly afterwards.

Several deaths have occurred in the area, including a boy who supposedly burned to death and a woman who died in a car accident near the entrance. Two teens reportedly disappeared after becoming frightened in the cemetery. When they raced to their car, it wouldn’t start, so they fled on foot, never to be seen again.

What You Should Never Do In This Cemetery

There was a headstone inside the cemetery that read, “Ye who stands upon thy grave, shall soon follow.” According to the legends, if you stand on the grave in front of this stone, you will soon face your own death. The stone has been stolen and returned three times, relocated in various places in the cemetery. It was stolen a fourth time and still remains missing. If it reappears, like some ghostly specter, don’t tempt fate by standing in front of it.

Hill Burial Ground – Newburyport, Massachusetts


The dead have good reason to be in a state of unrest at the Old Burial Ground Cemetery. The old graveyard is nearly abandoned, riddled with mole holes and random weeds, making it look like something out of your worst nightmare. That’s not the primary reason why the cemetery is haunted though.

People will not stop breaking into one of the crypts. The Pierce family crypt has been broken into three times in its 80 year history. The first time it happened was in 1925.

Several boys lowered themselves into the Pierce family crypt, unwound the mummified corpses interred inside and then propped them up as though they were attending a seance. They then donned the clothing of the corpses and paraded around the cemetery with glee. In 1985 the horrific deed was repeated when a group of teens broke into the tomb and held a party with the dead bodies, doing unthinkable acts while pouring alcohol down their parched throats. As though twice weren’t enough, the desecrated tomb was once again broken into, this time by a man doing community service in the cemetery. He severed one of the corpse’s heads from its body and put it on his shoulder, before walking outside to spook his friends. Thankfully, one of the friends snapped a photo which ended up in the hands of local law enforcement. The tomb’s doorway is now safely bricked over to prevent a fourth breakin.

The ground below the cemetery poses another mystery, as well. According to many, a series of brick tunnels lead to the center of town and down to the old wharf area. Some say the tunnels were used for the Underground Railroad, while others proclaim they were used before the Revolutionary War days as smuggling tunnels.

What You Should Never Do In This Cemetery

Legend has it, that if you attempt to break into the Pierce family crypt, you very well might meet one of the seven corpses interred inside. Furthermore, since three of the people died of Tuberculosis, you might be risking your health, as well.

Elder Ballou cemetery – Cumberland, Rhode Island

Elder Ballou cemetery

This small Rhode Island cemetery is tucked away on a hill, with graves dating back to the 1700’s. As you approach it, the first thing you might notice is a row of stone crypts built into the hill, with a row of doorways facing the road, looking like a macabre motel of death. It’s not difficult to let your mind wander as you stare at the closed doors, wondering what lurks in the dark shadows inside.

Visitors to the cemetery report feeling as though they are being watched. The cemetery has an abandoned forlorn feeling to it, with unkempt grounds and shaggy bushes growing in a haphazard manner. Visitors have reported seeing the apparition of a man in grey wandering the grounds. If approached, he will vanish into thin air.

What You Should Never Do In This Cemetery

According to one visitor, going to the cemetery after dark could have terrifying consequences. As she walked through the rugged terrain, stepping around the old gravestones, she began hearing footsteps behind her. When she stopped, the footsteps stopped, and when she ran, they raced on her heels until she was safely inside her car. She was thankful to make it home without a ghostly hitchhiker. Others haven’t been so fortunate.

Howard Street Cemetery, Salem, Massachusetts


The land of Salem is saturated with ghosts of the past. There isn’t a square inch of the area that doesn’t hold some residue of its tragic history, but none are more haunted than the hallowed grounds of the Howard Street Cemetery.

Ghosts often linger at the site of their death, especially if it was a gruesome one. The death of Giles Corey in 1692 couldn’t have been more horrific. After being accused of being a warlock, Corey refused to enter a plea, knowing that any plea would lead him to the gallows, stripping his property away from his family. In the sheriff’s attempt to force
Corey to admit to witchcraft, he had a pit dug in the ground, placed Corey inside of it, and then put a plank of wood on top of him. Over a period of two days, weights were piled onto the wood until he finally succumbed to the torture. Before he died, he proclaimed, “Damn you sheriff! I curse you and Salem!” Visitors have witnessed his fleeting apparition rising among the tombstones, notably prior to an impending Salem catastrophe. He was seen prior to the 1914 Great Fire of Salem.

The cemetery is also the final resting place of many sea captains and merchants from East India, as well as relatives of author Nathaniel Hawthorne.

What You Should Never Do In This Cemetery

While after-dark visitors risk being arrested for trespassing, since all Massachusetts cemeteries are off-limits from dusk until dawn, you might hear a spine tingling scream or witness the rise of an apparition from the shadows. Consequently, the biggest danger lurking here is the curse. Since Giles Corey cursed the town and the sheriff, a large number of sheriffs have met early deaths or were forced to retire due to medical issues since then, including the sheriff who oversaw his torture. Sheriff Corwin died just four years later of a fatal heart attack at the age of 30.

Pine Hill Cemetery, Hollis, New Hampshire

haunted new england graveyard

Imagine driving past a cemetery at dusk and seeing a small child run out into the road ahead of you, vanishing into thin air as you stop the car. According to local legend, the little boy escaped the mass murder of his entire family, only to be gunned down in the road outside the cemetery as he attempted to flee. People have been witnessing his apparition for years.

Although this cemetery is closed at night, thrill seekers and paranormal enthusiasts proclaim this to be one of the most haunted cemeteries in New England. Dark shadows have been seen drifting through the gravestones and voices have been heard, calling out in the darkness. Some visitors have witnessed tombstones morphing in front of their eyes. Was it a trick of the eye or something altogether creepier?

Another reason for the haunting could be attributed to Abel Blood, whose family name provides the cemetery with its nickname of Blood Cemetery. According to legend, Abel Blood supposedly haunts the cemetery, looking for his wife Betsy. Some say that Abel was a practitioner of the dark arts and now spends his days in Heaven and his nights in Hell. The finger on his tombstone has been seen pointing downward during the night, while it points upwards during the day.

What You Should Never Do In This Cemetery

Visit this cemetery at night at your own risk. People who have attempted this have been chased out of the cemetery by unseen forces that left them shaken and unnerved. Once they got to their vehicles, they frequently discovered mechanical issues, with the car’s electronics, but also to their cameras and cell phones.

Old Burying Yard in York, Maine

Old Burying Yard in York, Maine

The sight of crows in a graveyard often causes people to shudder, but in the case of the Old Burying Yard, in York, Maine, it could have a far more sinister meaning.

The grave of Mary Nasson is different from all the other graves. Consisting of a headstone and a footstone, the grave also has one unusual feature: a slab of stone connecting the two.

Some speculate that the slab is there to keep animals from digging up the grave, but locals have a far creepier theory. They believe it was placed there to keep Mary from climbing out of her grave. Considering that Mary was a herbalist as well as an exorcist, locals town people considered her to be a witch. The crows who flock to the cemetery are known as the White Witch of York’s familiars, something you do not want to cross.

The cemetery also houses the remains from the 1692 Raid of York, where 100 English settlers were murdered and their houses burned by angry natives. Gravestones in this quaint cemetery often gives people an unsettled feeling. One stone reads, “Adieu my Friends, dry up your tears. I must lie here till Christ appears.”

What You Should Never Do In This Cemetery

Children who visit the playground across the street from the cemetery have reported being pushed on the swings by the gentle hand of a woman who soon disappears into thin air. While she doesn’t seem to impose any hostility, this isn’t something most parents would like their children to experience. Many theorize that the ghost of Mary Naason is the culprit. Dying young at the age of 29, she never got to experience motherhood. Perhaps she’s simply following her maternal urges after death, but I still wouldn’t want to experience it firsthand.

Vale End Cemetery, Wilton, New Hampshire


The legends surrounding the Vale End Cemetery could fill a dozen horror movies. Perhaps the most haunting story surrounds the Blue Lady, thought to be the ghost of Mary Spaulding.

The mysteries surrounding Mary’s death are numerous. Some say she was murdered by her own husband after a violent argument, while others claim she was killed by a satanic cult as part of a ceremony. Despite the method of her death, it was enough to keep her earth-bound and restless. She often appears as a blue mist, hovering over her own grave.

Other people have witnessed the ghost of an older man near the gates of the cemetery. Locals say he buried his daughter at the cemetery decades ago. When her body was moved to another location, he began his eternal search for her, roaming the cemetery grounds in the darkness of the night.

What You Should Never Do In This Cemetery

This cemetery is one of the more dangerous locations on the list. Besides the Lady and Blue and the older man, the cemetery is also frequented by a Pukwudgie. This 2-3 foot hairy creature has been known to show itself to nighttime visitors, lurking at the edges of the darkness as it stalks its human prey. Pukwudgies are tricksters with a vile sense of humor, often attempting to lure people to their deaths. One story tells of a woman who visited the cemetery with friends and witnessed a dark creature crawl out of one of the graves. She fled the cemetery, but was certain that a dark entity followed her home. According to the legend, she was found dead in her car in a busy parking lot days later, with no signs of trauma. Was she scared to death? I don’t know, but I wouldn’t chance even visiting this cemetery.

With any of these cemeteries, always abide by the local laws, respecting their wishes for their dead and buried. Always keep in mind that not all of the souls lingering here are benevolent. Some of them are simply lost and afraid, retreating from the prying eyes of thrill seekers. Always be respectful when you visit. If you don’t, you could be risking your own sanity. You won’t want any of these entities following you home.

Joni Mayhan is a paranormal investigator and the author of 11 books, including Devil’s Toy Box, The Soul Collector and Bones in the Basement, all available on Amazon.com. To learn more about Joni, check out her website Jonimayhan.com.


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  • Clive

    One ghost I spotted standing beside a specifc grave is likely to have been hanging around for 200 years: http://www.realitywalker.com/ghosts-apparitions-after-death-experiences/life-after-death-examples-dead-people-as-ghosts-encounters-interactions-described/

    • Maria

      That’s cool.. Have you ever had a supernatural experience??..

  • Jennifer Todd

    There is a very haunted cemetery in Wabasso FL or Fellsmere FL there are blood hurdling screams and a ghost car and soldiers and lots of children

    • Kaitlin

      Hello! I live in Sebastian. Do you know the names of the cemetaries? I’d like to visit them : )


  • V321GhostlyGamer


  • V321GhostlyGamer


  • pianoman

    I’ve gone to “The Rev” in Fitchburg hundreds of times late at night… never seen anything. Neither has anyone else I know who has gone there. There has been at least one murder commited in the area that I know of, but I’ve never heard of anyone ever going there at night and disappearing.

  • KeithnSandra Johnson

    In the year 1967, a Coventry, Rhode Island high school teacher apparently told his class that a 19-year-old girl accused of vampirism was buried in a cemetery off of Rt. 102. Although he did not give a name, he was most probably referring to Mercy Brown. Not long afterwards, several members of his class set out in search of the ‘vampire’s grave’. They eventually arrived at a rather foreboding looking cemetery, surrounded by a stone wall, located along Plain Meeting House Road in West Greenwich (WG Historic Cemetery #2). While conducting a diligent search of the headstones, the teenagers came across one which read: “Nellie L. Vaughn; Daughter of George B. and Ellen; Died in her 19th year, May 31, 1889.” The age certainly fit. What was perhaps even more convincing, was the ominous sounding inscription at the bottom of the headstone: “I am waiting and watching for you.”
    Now thoroughly convinced that they’d found their girl, the students wasted little time in spreading the story of their find around the school, and eventually, the legend of ‘Vampire’s Grave’ spread throughout the community, and even beyond.

    Unlike Mercy Brown, very little is actually known about this unfortunate young woman, other than the fact that she died of pneumonia at the age of nineteen. Although her original burial place was on the Vaughn family homestead, her body was later moved to the West Greenwich Cemetery when her family sold the property. There is certainly no evidence that she was ever the subject of a vampire legend, until nearly eighty years after her untimely death. (“I am waiting and watching for you.” was most likely intended to mean “I am waiting and watching for you from Heaven.”) Sadly, the cemetery in which Nellie L. Vaughn was buried has over the years become a virtual haven for cult activity and vandalism. There are also those who claim that Nellie herself may have taken exception to her undeserved reputation!

    One afternoon some utility workers were working just outside of the cemetery, when one of them suddenly alerted his co-worker beside him, and pointed in the direction of the cemetery. There, sitting upon on of the graves, was a young woman clothed in a Victorian style dress, stroking her long hair as if in an agitated manner. On closer examination, she appeared to be floating rather than sitting! When the men called out to her, the young woman reportedly vanished from sight.

    In 1993, a Coventry resident named Marlene and her husband were walking through the cemetery one afternoon, when her husband suddenly heard a disembodied female voice whisper: “I am perfectly pleasant.”
    Before leaving, he also received scratches on his face, inflicted by an unseen hand. Understandably, Marlene’s husband vowed never to return to this particular cemetery again! Marlene herself claims that pictures she’d taken of Nellie’s gravestone, when processed, either didn’t come out at all”, or mysteriously came out in reverse. Attempting rubbings of Nellie’s headstone also proved to be a problem for Marlene, since peculiar wet spot would continually appear, even on dry days.

    Perhaps Marlene’s most unsettling experience at the cemetery was the day she met up with an attractive young dark-haired woman, attired in modern dress, who also happened to be inspecting the headstones. The two of them struck up a conversation, and the young woman introduced herself as a member of a local historical society. When their conversation turned to the subject of Nellie Vaughn, however, the young woman suddenly and inexplicably became defensive, repeating over and over, “Nellie was never a vampire! Nellie was never a vampire!”
    Figuring the young woman must be mentally unbalanced, Marlene finally turned to walk away. Seconds later, she turned to make certain she wasn’t being followed, only to see that the young woman, who’d been standing only a few feet away from her, had now completely vanished from the cemetery grounds!

    Because of repeated vandalism, Nellie’s headstone, which had been propped against the stone wall near the entrance, was eventually removed by town officials. There is also a completely sealed vault within the cemetery, approximately 12x5x7, with no inscription, which people have been chipping away at over the years, erroneously believing that the body of the ‘vampire’ Nellie has been sealed inside. (In reality, I’ve been told that the bodies of two bothers of the Knight family are entombed within.) Of course, there have also been some serious attempts at paranormal investigation within this cemetery, with photographs which show multiple spirit orbs, probably the result of psychic energy which has been introduced into this area over the years. Whenever I myself have visited this cemetery, there is undeniably the pervasive feeling of being watched, sometimes accompanied by a peculiar stillness, even on clear days, when birds would normally be chirping in the surrounding wooded area. At other times, out-of-season birds have been both seen darting about the cemetery and heard screeching in the surrounding wooded area. Near twilight time, dim shadowy figures can often be glimpsed moving about the edges of the stone wall which borders the cemetery.

    As a word of caution, however, I would not recommend visiting this cemetery after sunset, since there have been numerous reports of cult activity and vandalism. As a result, the area is closely watched at night by local law enforcement.

  • KeithnSandra Johnson

    I last visited Stepney Cemetery in Monroe, Connecticut exactly one year ago this week, when attending the funeral of Lorraine Warren.