Scary Santa Clause

Creepiest Santa Clauses From Christmas Past

“He sees you when you’re sleeping. He knows when you’re awake.”

While most of us enjoy drinking egg nog and being merry at Christmas time, for some kids the idea of Santa Claus can be an absolutely terrifying prospect. A fat man who lives in a glacier and has telepathic control over a pack of reindeer is going to sneak into our house? Santa Clause has to be one of the creepiest myths we have, and yet it seems like it will never die. Check out these eerie Kodak moments featuring jolly Saint Nicholas scaring the crap out of small children:

Santa Clause from The Ring

Silence of the Lambs Santa

‘Ever Been on a Date With a Psychopath?’ Santa

Hells Rejects Santa

Demonic Santa

Saruman Santa

Sinister Santa

Serpent Eyed Santa

Delighted By Fear Santa

Hair Face Santa

Cannibal Santa

Requiem For A Dream Santa

Weekend at Bernies Santa

Spikes Office Party Punch With Cyanide Santa

Robot Overlord Santa

Don’t Wake The Baby With Your Screams Santa

Uncle Larry Smells Weird Santa

Alcoholic Santa

Bong Rip Santa

Hide and Go Seek Santa

Jigsaw Santa

Hobgoblin Santa

Escaped from the Asylum Santa

Delighted By Fear Santa 2

Bloody Cheeks Santa

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