Dark Matter May Produce Life and Create a Parallel Universe

By Jake Anderson

Dark matter and dark energy are already two of the most enigmatic concepts in all of science. They just grew even more puzzling.

Cosmologists are saying they may have discovered a second type of dark matter that is not diffuse and can interact with itself. The effects of this may have been detected as recently as 2012 by Christoph Weniger, a physicist at the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, who detected strange levels of radiation at the center of the galaxy. He believes it is the signal of invisible dark matter becoming something visible.

Now cosmologists may be forced to adopt a strange view of something that was strange to begin with: dark matter may be just as diverse as regular matter. According to some scientists, this means there could be dark stars, orbited by dark planets that could theoretically harbor dark life, though what that would constitute is beyond comprehension with our current understanding of the universe.

The Ghost Diaries has been claiming for years that we may come to find out that dark matter and dark energy represent more than just mindless forces of galactic structure and rabid expansion. Now we have, for the first time, peer-reviewed cosmologists who say it is not impossible that dark matter produces its own parallel universe. In fact, the Milky Way galaxy may be sitting on a shadow galaxy, something they are calling “double disk” dark matter.

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