The Best Horror and Sci-Fi Sequels


Guest post by Billy Russell Sequels are largely terrible. Most sequels are created specifically to cash in on the success of something that was original and money is the prime motivation for its creation, not artistic expression. But sometimes, just sometimes, you’ll catch a part two or even a part three that captures the spirit […]

New Godzilla a Big Budget Night of the Living Dead For Teenagers


Review by Billy Russell I have something of a complicated history with Godzilla, beginning with the first movie in the massive series I ever got to see: Godzilla 1985. The plot and structure is relatively similar to the original American release of Gojira in 1954, complete with awkward re-shoots of Raymond Burr saying something like, […]

Ti West’s ‘Sacrament’ Plays Like 90 Minute Commercial About Vice Magazine


Review by BILLY RUSSELL Ti West is one of the most innovative directors in modern horror. If such a word as “auteur” could be assigned to any director with a unique, personal style of storytelling, Ti West would fit the bill. Here’s a fun drinking game: Read a review of a Ti West movie and […]

Oculus, A Great Drive-in Movie


Review by Billy Russell Going to the ol’ drive-in is still one of the most fun ways to experience a movie. You don’t go to the drive-in if you’re obsessively concerned with having the best possible sound and audio quality surrounding you with such pristine remasterings that any flaw or error will stand out like […]

Dario Argento’s Nightmare Fuel: the Surreal Horror of Suspiria


Review by BILLY RUSSELL Much more so than many other “surreal” or “nightmarish” horrors, Suspiria truly captures the feeling of being trapped in a bad dream and being unable to awaken from it. There’s a self-contained logic that is never fully explained and real life is never allowed to intrude on the macabre story that […]

Incredible Movie Poster Art by LAURENT DURIEUX!


They don’t make movies posters like they used to …or do they? We’ve recently been drooling over the movie poster art of Laurent Durieux, who has risen from the ashes of a dying art form. The days are long gone when movie posters were thrilling conceptual works of art you’d proudly displayed on the walls […]

From the VHS Vault: Habit (1995)


There’s just something about thrift store finds. You see something on tape with a bizarre cover and a semi-promising recommendation from Roger Ebert on the front explaining that it’s a realistic vampire movie, whatever that means. But, since the price tag on it is $0.99, it’s not much of a gamble. If it sucks, chuck […]

The 14 Greatest Horror Movie Trailers Ever Made


There’s nothing more exciting to us then an awesome horror movie trailer. A great horror trailer should trigger an intense emotional response while simultaneously being creepy and mysterious. Basically, it needs tp pique your interest enough to make you shell out your hard earned cash at the box office. As simple as that sounds…there are […]

The Worst Horror Movie Remakes Of All Time!

psycho remake

With the good come the bad…the flip side of Billy Russell’s previous remake list, the worst horror movie remakes of all time! Halloween I had a hard time going back and forth on this. When considering a movie as a terrible remake, do you consider the movie on its own standalone terms or do you […]

The 5 Best Horror Movie Remakes


Horror movies receive a lot of remakes. Here writer Billy Russell presents his case for the 5 best horror movie remakes of all time… Dawn of the Dead Back in 2004, when this was newly announced, I don’t think anyone didn’t wring their hands in nervous anticipation, expecting the very worst. The original…what made it […]