Scary Santa Clause

5 Chilling Christmas Tales to Keep You Up Tonight

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by Anna Olvera There’s something inherently a bit creepy about the Christmas holiday. A fat man who lives in a glacier and has telepathic control over a pack of reindeer is going to sneak into our house? This bizarre mythology extends to the sanctity of the day itself and can render some pretty unsettling results. Check […]


The Woman on the Ceiling at the Springville Inn

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By Backpackerverse For many years, residents of Springville, California were convinced their local inn was haunted. The Springville Inn had many locals as employees, not only in the hotel portion of the building, but in the restaurant as well. Over time, many reports and eye witness accounts were made, and the town realized the inn […]


The Haunted Pet Store

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— By best-selling paranormal author Joni Mayhan (Except from her upcoming paranormal thriller Ghost Magnet) The Shrewsbury store was located in a run-down shopping plaza near the edge of the Worcester, Massachusetts’ border. It attracted a wide range of shoppers. Not only did we get the needy customers, who insisted on employing me as their […]


Top Eight Non-American Ghost Movies

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by Charles Reis American cinema is a dominant force in the world, which includes horror films movies. While it’s undeniable the cultural impact of such American films like Poltergeist, The Amityville Horror, and The Blair Witch Project have had, this leaves many non-American horror movies, particularly ghost-themed movies, getting overlooked. In celebration of the Halloween […]


Hoia Bacui: The World’s Most Haunted Forest

E.S.P, Ghosts, Paranormal, Unexplained

A slew of supernatural occurrences in the forest over the centuries has left locals terrified of its power and tourists seeking its mysteries. by The Occult Museum The country of Romania, once known by its more infamous and ominous name Transylvania, likely conjures up images of vampires, gypsy caravans, werewolves, and bats. Perhaps it recalls […]


7 Tunnels You’d Be Crazy To Enter

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by The Occult Museum While tunnels and bridges traditionally harbor legends of trolls and the like, there are many around the world that contain more realistic supernatural characters: ghosts. There are few things that can be as chilling as walking down an unlit tunnel at night. With the added possibility of a ghost’s scream or […]


15 True-Life Paranormal Stories That Will Keep You Awake Tonight

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By Occult Museum Looking for a spooky tale or two? Thousands of people around the world are sharing their terrifying true-life paranormal encounters on Reddit’s’ ridiculously popular Subreddit ‘AskReddit’. From tales of ghostly night-time visitors to phantom hands and children who play with the dead, here are the creepiest stories ever shared. Good luck sleeping tonight… […]


An Evil Clown Haunts This Californian Highway

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(BACKPACKERVERSE) This story was sent in to us by an adrenaline junkie named Joshua H., but something tells us he’s going to enjoy a much more relaxed lifestyle from now on because he’s lucky to be alive after what he encountered. Joshua and his friend came face to face with evil, and managed to escape, […]