The Best Horror and Sci-Fi Sequels


Guest post by Billy Russell Sequels are largely terrible. Most sequels are created specifically to cash in on the success of something that was original and money is the prime motivation for its creation, not artistic expression. But sometimes, just sometimes, you’ll catch a part two or even a part three that captures the spirit […]

Shocking Rediscovered Photos from Bohemian Grove!


The Bohemian Grove lore contains many myths that are assuredly just that–myths. But that hasn’t stopped the place from being one of the most notorious conspiracy hotspots in the world. Claims of everything from baby sacrifice to paranormal activity and alien indoctrination have found a home in the shadows of those creepy Redwoods. Forestlady, writing […]

Assange Releases WikiLeaks UFO Cable Teaser…and It’s Not What Anyone Expected!


We are huge believers in the right to information, truth and transparent democracy and, as such, support the WikiLeaks movement. WikiLeaks leader Julian Assange has been (probably) unintentionally tantalizing UFO enthusiasts for years now with rumors of secret cables that may disclose information about ETs in our solar system. However, in the recent “Live People’s […]

The 3 Most Powerful Grimoires For Black Magic


There’s more to ancient grimoires of black magic and demon evocation than what you’ve seen in the Evil Dead movies. In fact the Book of the Dead featured in those films–the Necronomicon–doesn’t even exist. But it’s based on the legends and myths of three books that do. Below are the grandmasters of creepy manuscripts, ancient […]

New Godzilla a Big Budget Night of the Living Dead For Teenagers


Review by Billy Russell I have something of a complicated history with Godzilla, beginning with the first movie in the massive series I ever got to see: Godzilla 1985. The plot and structure is relatively similar to the original American release of Gojira in 1954, complete with awkward re-shoots of Raymond Burr saying something like, […]

Comparing the Zombie Dog Experiments of 1940 and 2005

zombie dog

The Ghost Diaries has been thinking a lot about BLOOD recently and we’ve uncovered some rather macabre projects that should leave you sufficiently curdled. Experiments on dead dogs, computers that bleed, gardens fertilized with blood meal! Today we’re focusing on the dead dog experiments of 1940 and 2005, in Russia and the US respectively. In […]

Ti West’s ‘Sacrament’ Plays Like 90 Minute Commercial About Vice Magazine


Review by BILLY RUSSELL Ti West is one of the most innovative directors in modern horror. If such a word as “auteur” could be assigned to any director with a unique, personal style of storytelling, Ti West would fit the bill. Here’s a fun drinking game: Read a review of a Ti West movie and […]

A Stunning New Case of 9/11 Predictive Programming


Predictive programming is the idea that society embeds messages into pop culture media and other modes of transmission in order to psychologically prepare and incubate the general population for certain events. It is, of course, a conspiracy theory, but one that has garnered a lot of attention in recent years, especially among false flag advocates. […]

Dario Argento’s Nightmare Fuel: the Surreal Horror of Suspiria


Review by BILLY RUSSELL Much more so than many other “surreal” or “nightmarish” horrors, Suspiria truly captures the feeling of being trapped in a bad dream and being unable to awaken from it. There’s a self-contained logic that is never fully explained and real life is never allowed to intrude on the macabre story that […]

Passenger from MH Flight 370 Sends Photo/Metadata from Diego Garcia!


We had a feeling this one wasn’t over yet. The incredible media attention to the Malaysian Flight 370 mystery has yielded a shocking new revelation. We already knew that the United States had a military base, DIEGO GARCIA, in the Indian Ocean near where the plane may have gone down. New information has surfaced from […]