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Can Computers Predict the Future?

Earlier this year, Iranian scientist Ali Razeghi registered something called “The Aryayek Time Traveling Machine” with Iran’s Center for Strategic Inventions. Ali claimed that the device uses computer algorithms to predict 5-8 years into the future. He says the machine could be used to anticipate military actions by other countries. Of course, he hasn’t launched a prototype yet, because he says the Chinese will steal and mass produce it.

But this got us thinking if there were other, more believable attempts at using machines and–more accurately–computers to anticipate the future. We found something called the Living Earth Platform, which is a European computer simulation being developed for the purpose of simulating all aspects of life on Earth, including human economic activity, climate, and other physical processes on the planet Earth. It will do this via social supercomputing and large-scale data mining. That’s right, there will be data miners watching us while we eat now.

living earth simulator

With the age of quantum computing and sentient simulations upon us, the ability to create digital representations of the future certainly sounds plausible. And the aim is lofty, with scientists saying a tool like this could help us predict and avoid financial calamities. Of course, it’s also an innocuous sounding excuse to further intensify surveillance measures and intrusive data mining.

This also got us thinking about the future of computer intelligence and how it will be used by humans. When strong artificial intelligence is created–and it will be–will it be a salable commodity or government property?

Computers may be able to predict the future, but it’s humans who will sell it to the highest bidder.

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