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Can a Devil’s Toy Box Really Catch Ghosts?

3 years, 11 months ago
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By bestselling author and paranormal investigator Joni Mayhan

The investigator put the Devil’s Toy Box on the floor and hoped for the best. The house was reputedly haunted by no less than a dozen lost souls. Many of them were former homeowners and family members, but several of the ghosts that lurked in the house were most definitely not family. They sometimes scratched and pushed people out of the rooms, while filling their minds with terror. Those were the ones the ghost hunters hoped to trap in the six-sided mirrored box.


The concept of the Devil’s Toy Box is simple. Because ghosts are supposedly drawn to mirrors, they are lured into the odd mirrored box. Once they get inside, they find themselves in a fun house of mirrors and are unable to escape. This was more than a catch-and-release program though. What exactly does one do with a ghost once they’ve trapped it?

When I first heard about a Devil’s Toy Box, I was immediately intrigued. I reached out to several friends who put me in touch with a paranormal investigator named Tom Bosselait. After hearing about the ghost hunting tool, he decided to build one to see what would happen. He hadn’t had a chance to really test it out yet though, so I invited him to a paranormal investigation to see if it would work.


The paranormal world has been linked to mirrors for centuries. In the middle ages, the Romans believed that if you broke a mirror, you would have seven years of bad luck. In the Jewish religion, mirrors are covered after a death to prevent the newly departed from becoming trapped inside the mirror. Mirrors are often used for channeling the dead, a technique called scrying. Even movies and literature promote mirrors as evil. Would you consider standing in front of a dark mirror and say, “Bloody Mary,” three times?

Some researchers consider mirrors portals to the other side of the veil, where ghosts reside. They feel that ghosts can move through them at will like doorways. While there isn’t any proof to this claim, it is still an interesting concept.


(above) Tom Bosselait with his homemade Devil’s Toy Box

We decided to add some technology to our experiment. We tried to place a cell phone with a voice recorder inside the Devil’s Toy Box, but it wouldn’t fit, so we replaced it with a Spirit Box and connected a guitar amp to the box, allowing us to hear the responses. A Spirit Box is a modified radio that scans through the channels without stopping, allowing the ghosts to use the white noise to form words or sentences. Seconds after we placed it inside the box, we received an immediate response from the Spirit Box. “Can it fit?” it asked.

Click on the player to hear the response:

I decided to ask a few qualifying questions to rule out radio station contamination. I asked what town we were in. The voice on the Spirit Box said, “Winchendon,” which was correct.

Clink on the player to hear the response:

Did we capture a ghost inside the Devil’s Toy Box? If we did, he is still lingering inside the box, which sits in the trunk of my car. I’m bringing the box to a psychic medium friend later in the week to help help the lost soul find his way to where he needs to go.

In conclusion, I’m not certain the Devil’s Toy Box trapped anything, beyond stale air, but it was an interesting experiment nonetheless and I’m thankful for the experience.

You can check out Joni Mayan’s bestselling paranormal book The Devils Toy Box below.


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  • kariann

    So……what DO you do with the “spirit” captured in the devil’s box? Let it free outside, away from the area of attachment? What if it is evil/demonic in nature? Then, if you opened the box, it could attach to you/someone present or return from where it came. I watched an episode of Ghost Asylum, using this device & trapping an evil/demonic entity (substantial evidence of capture). They took it far from the area of origination, placed it on a large creek & used massive explosives to destroy it/the box. Though the family that was affected claimed peace & no further activity, I’m not so sure the entity would have been destroyed.