ghosts of dead children, or children haunted the dead?

Are Ghosts Information Patterns?

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The idea of the spirit realm is not new. In fact, it’s one of the defining concepts in the collective imagination of our species. The earliest humans grappled with the idea of a spirit world. Philosophers like Descartes contemplated the divisions of the material world and the world of the mind.

We are ‘haunted’ by the idea of our own mortality. Over the years we’ve struggled with the possibility that those who have died before us are not completely gone, that part of them lives on in some kind of supernatural dimension that spills over into our everyday lived reality.

There is a concept of ghosts that takes a more scientific but no less spooky approach. It centers around the idea of energy and information. To be sure, the physical universe—everything from galactic formation to organic intelligence—is constructed of energy and patterns of information. Underneath the velour of the macroscopic world the matrix of our reality is comprised of constantly shifting quantum particles, intertwined dimensions, and amplitude distributions the true nature of which is hardly understood. After all, over 90% of our universe is comprised of “dark energy” and “dark matter” and physicists readily admit they have no idea what it is.

dark matter and dark energy make up 95% of the universe

Let us consider for a minute the research that has been conducted in the last couple decades regarding the role of consciousness in the physical universe. Pioneering groups such as PEAR (Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research) and the Global Consciousness Project have been working to prove that consciousness has a physical impact on the world around us, that it can in fact influence random systems. Many of the researchers involved in these projects say the data collected shows nothing less than powerfully comprehensive evidence that mind does affect matter, albeit in small, sometimes marginal ways. By small they mean we can’t crunch cars, fly, and telekinetically control the world, like the recent film Chronicle would suggest. However, the research shows there is a strong likelihood that mind, matter, and energy are interconnected and affect one another.


ghost of airman Freddy Jackson who died two days earlier

Freddy Jackson (left BG) died two days earlier

Let’s take this conversation and embed it within the context of death, the supposed permanent erasure of our consciousness from the fabric of the universe. Let’s say the PEAR researchers are right, and the human mind affects the information of the physical world around it. If our consciousness affects matter, it stands to reason that our subjective state of mind would be a factor in the nature of the affectation. We already know that death is a tremendously powerful physiological process. Could it be that people who suffer extremely unpleasant deaths, or die under extreme physical and psychological duress, could leave behind traces of that information which remains in the general flow of energy?

Perhaps paranormal visitations and hauntings are real and represent interactions with poorly understood remnants of human energy. Are ghosts information patterns? Are the tools and gadgets wielded by ghost hunters just scratching the surface…

Since I have no clue as to the answer, I will simply pose the question. Don’t haunt the messenger.

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