Anonymous Warns of False Flag Attack in Los Angeles

The hacktivist group Anonymous has a new warning out expressing concern that a false flag terrorist attack in Los Angeles may be imminent. They state that a series of unusual drills carried out recently, as well as suspiciously dropped insurance plans, suggest a 9/11 style attack may occur on the Citi Bank building in downtown Los Angeles.

Anonymous notes that military and police drills have occured directly prior to–and in most cases, the same day as–nearly every major terrorist attack in the last decade, including 9/11, the London bombings, the Boston marathon, Sandy Hook, Aurora, and even the recent Capitol Hill and TSA shootings (also in Los Angeles).

In addition to the anomalous drills, Anonymous also notes that all insurance policies have recently been dropped for the Citi Bank building EXCEPT for the portions which afford coverage in the case of terrorist attacks or special conditions. We all of course remember the suspicious insurance dump by Larry Silverstein prior to 9/11.

Larry Silverstein

Combined with extensive terror drills conducted in Los Angeles about five months ago–drills that have recently changed in nature–this circumstantial evidence was enough for Anonymous to issue the warning.

If this continues, we could be seeing the rise of a powerful new challenge to black ops and psyops–hactivists spilling the beans on government false flag operations.

Think about it: what could possibly revamp the War on Terror more powerfully than a new coalition of outraged and horrified West Coast liberals?

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