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Aliens, AI, Alex Jones, and the New World Order

7 years, 3 months ago
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Fermi Paradox be damned, our gut instinct is that there are many advanced extraterrestrial civilizations flourishing beyond our solar system. In a universe containing hundreds of billions of galaxies, each one containing hundreds of billions of stars, to believe otherwise is just plain odd.

But it could take a while for us to meet ET. Centuries perhaps. Much sooner than that we’ll not only meet, but create, a new and dramatically different kind of advanced species: Artificial Intelligence. AI will be good to us….at least at first. AI might even introduce us to ET, inviting us to a quantum entanglement party. As AI integrates itself into our society, humans will use nanotechnology to upgrade ourselves to near-machine status. We’ll become post-humans, in that most of our day to day functions and pleasures will be heavily grounded in advanced technology. The foundation for this has already been laid. The AI age is upon us.

Our acceptance of the New World Order revolves around the current corporatocracy and the coming technocracy. In this sense, we buy into elements of the NWO proposed by fringers like Alex Jones. Note, elements. On most issues, not so much. Somehow reptilian aliens controlling mankind is more plausible to him than than CO2 emissions destroying the atmosphere. Flanked by an armada of rabid libertarians, Alex Jones thinks the specter of global warming is nothing more than an elaborate ruse perpetrated by scientists and government officials in order to pave the way for a global carbon tax and HAARP experimentation.

The main evidence disproving human-caused climate change is 1) Al Gore has a private jet, 2) Earth isn’t the only planet getting warmer, Mars is hot too! 3) Cities during the medieval times were also hot, 3) Al Gore has a private limousine, and 4) Vikings grew crops in Greenland.

You’d be hard-pressed to find an assertion that gets the hobgoblin scribes here at the Ghost Diaries in more of a huff and a puff than human-caused climate change denial. Maybe we’re just high on science Kool-Aid, but we see nothing but dangerous irrationality in the act of looking at a unanimously agreed-upon body of science and declaring it false.
climate change denial
And while we struggle with the theory a small circle of elite masterminds controlling the entire world, we do think it’s very possible that at some point in the future a class of posthumans, wielding advanced technology in dissonant collusion with AI societies—who (perhaps justly) believe humanity and its old world paradigms are a danger to Earth—could descend into absolute tyranny. Or, ascend, might be the better word.

Alex Jones thinks the participants of this new class have already been chosen, and that in exchange for their complicity in forging the New World Order they have been promised vast powers of life augmentation and life extension. Our hangup with the NWO is that we find it difficult to imagine a completely centralized global dictatorship when the trends behind technologies like the Internet lean overwhelmingly toward decentralization—of knowledge, distribution, and even ownership. Jones’ theory also crumbles in one very important capacity: we don’t view AI as necessarily a danger to humanity. If the New World Order exists, AI may be the power that brings it down.

And if, like we believe, the phrase New World Order does not finger a singular group of tyrannical elites but rather exists as a metaphor for the widespread and historical lineage of human corruption itself, AI will be the revolutionary force that topples our dying regimes and restores parity to human consciousness. This will either be viewed as Armageddon or renaissance, depending on whose Twitter feed you follow.

We are conspiracy theorists ourselves, but we worry about battle sharks like Alex Jones because he makes all activists and whistle-blowers seem crazy, and by doing so distracts the rest of us from the back-handed power plays of very real and very corrupt establishments. Corporations, seizing the infrastructure of the Earth, of the human body, of the particles that constitute matter; corporations, who now own patents on our genes, on carbon nanotubes; who control the flow and substance of information; who influence what pills we take and what facts we believe; who hunt our young, on the streets and through social networking sites; who manufacture culture like a Halloween apple with a razor blade at its core.

The theory of the New World Order is a displaced fear of the corporatocracy that’s real as hell; it’s a fear of plutocracy, privatization, and human existence turned to consumer fodder. It’s a healthy fear.

Here’s to hoping that our first encounter with a non-human advanced species–the rise of artificial intelligence–puts us on track to turn things around.

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