A Stunning New Case of 9/11 Predictive Programming

Predictive programming is the idea that society embeds messages into pop culture media and other modes of transmission in order to psychologically prepare and incubate the general population for certain events. It is, of course, a conspiracy theory, but one that has garnered a lot of attention in recent years, especially among false flag advocates.

We’ve always taken a measured approach to predictive programming because, ultimately, we feel it should be possible to remain neutral on the topic. It’s fascinating, but a little skepticism is always healthy with conspiracy theories. Many people maintain instances of predictive programming are simply coincidences on par with synchronicity and Déjà vu; others say they are sinister calling cards for shadow groups who communicate across media channels through coded signals.

One of the more fascinating ‘coincidences’ of recent years was the discovery of the Sandy Hook reference in the Dark Knight film, which itself had been associated with the Aurora theater shooting.

sandy hook dark knight

Coincidences are possible, but so too is collusion.

The Ghost Diaries is proud to announce the discovery of a new instance of possible predictive programming. We found it on YouTube, ironically enough, while searching for Grateful Dead interviews. We discovered that during the 80s, the video intro to the David Letterman Show opened with a stunningly disturbing visual depiction of the attack on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.

Behold the video below. Is this purely coincidence, or an example of a vast global conspiracy?

Action starts at 0:08!

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