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8 Explanations for UFOs

7 years, 8 months ago
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According to MUFON, there are about 700 reported UFO cases a month in the United States alone. Approximately 6% of the global population has reported one or more UFO sighting. The phenomenon continues to grow and, as our detection methods get more sophisticated, the mystery only deepens. Here are the Ghost Diaries’ top 8 explanations for the UFO phenomenon:

8 – Natural causes

UFO cloud
UFOs are tricks of the eye, lenticular clouds, refracted light, birds, weather balloons, meteors, comets, stars. You name it. If it’s a physical object in the known universe it’s been cited as an explanation for a UFO.

7 – Mass Hallucination

Fear and Loathing
Humans are desperate for meaning in an incoherent universe, so they project unknown objects from their subconscious onto the world around them. This could account for ghosts and paranormal activity as well.

6 – Aliens

alien spacecraft
UFOs are indeed spacecraft carrying extraterrestrials from other star systems who are looking for resources or conducting research. With a billion stars in our Milky Way galaxy alone, probability falls on the side of aliens existing in numbers. The only question is whether or not they are advanced enough to harness the kinds of energy sources necessary to cover the vast interstellar and intergalactic distances.

5 – Humans or AI From the Future

time travel
UFOs are time travel machines operated by humans from our own future, who have used the technological singularity to master time. They are returning to prevent some cataclysmic disaster from occurring or to study their own past. Some fringe thinkers think time travelers may be trying to prevent humans from using the Hadron Collider to accidentally create a black hole; still others think UFOs are advanced artificial intelligence time traveling back to adjust its own source code.

4 – Holograms

Tupac at Coachella was just the tip of the iceberg. A surprisingly large faction of the UFO research community believes UFOs are holograms created by Project Bluebeam, a covert psi op meant to instill fear and pave the way for a one world government. There is fairly good evidence that several different governments have experimented with advanced hologram technology in the skies.

3 – Secret Government Technology

Straight from the hangars of Area 51 and Dulce, UFOs are advanced government technology in action, soaring above us with powers of anti-gravity, invisibility, teleportation, and other forms of propulsion. Whoever devised these dirigibles may be early adopters of a technological singularity that hasn’t trickled down to the mainstream populace yet. There is precedence for such secrecy. Manhattan Project anyone? Maybe consider known technology as well, such as drones.

2 – Secret Government/Alien technology

government flying saucer
UFOs are the result of our government either joining forces with an alien civilization or reverse engineering an alien’s crashed spacecraft, possibly from the Roswell incident. UFOs are therefore conceptually alien, but built by human hands using elements found on our own Earth.

1 – Glitch in the Matrix

glitch in the matrix
UFOs–and ghosts for that matter–are momentary glitches in the simulated program that is our universe. Evidence for our existence being a computer simulation run by a vastly more advanced human or alien civilization is still being collected. We may never get an answer to Nick Bostrom’s classic theory. However, some have speculated that later this century the combination of artificial intelligence and nanotechnology will allow humans to contact the operators of the simulation, the godlike creators of our artificial reality.

What do you think UFOs are? Which explanation, or combination of them, makes the most sense? On one extreme we have cloud formations and refracting light; on the other we have glitches in a simulated universe and time travel. We may not discover the answer in our lifetime, but to quote the X-Files: “the truth is out there.”

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