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5 True Yet Creepy and Bizarre Necrophilia Stories

3 years, 3 months ago
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by Anna Olvera 

Among many (I do mean MANY) sexual fetishes and practices out there, one of the most disturbing and fascinating is “Necrophilia.” For those who might not know what exactly the act constitutes, it’s when a person (male or female) is attracted to, or in many cases, has sexual intercourse with a dead person. I know that love should be cherished until death and beyond, but it seems that some people take it literally. Here I’ve put together a few creepy stories about people who take their love to the limit: 

1 – Carl Tanzler


Probably the most famous and well-documented case of necrophilia ever heard. Carl Tanzler is guilty of a crime committed in the name of love. He met the love of his life in a hospital where he worked as a doctor in the 1930’s. A local Cuban-American woman named Maria Elena “Helen” Milagro de Hoyos was brought in by her mother for examination. Carl immediately recognized the woman, as he previously had been “visited” by visions of a late ancestor who revealed to him the face of his true love, which was Helen. 

Helen was diagnosed with tuberculosis (a fatal disease at that time); still Carl made the best of his efforts to do anything and everything in his power to cure Helen of the horrible disease. During this time, Carl professed his love for the young woman, showering her with gifts and affections, but it seems his love was unrequited. 

Carl was devastated when Helen passed away. He told the family he would gladly take care of the burial costs and even asked permission to build an above-ground mausoleum in the Key West cemetery. 

On the night in April of 1933, Carl made his way through the cemetery in a dark toy wagon and removed Helen’s body from the mausoleum and took it to his home. There, he re-attached her body with wire hangers, replaced her eyes with fake ones and even decided to skin her and replace her decaying epidermis with silk cloth soaked in wax and plaster. He made a wig out of Helen’s own hair that her mother had previously gifted him. He also filled her body with rags and constantly sprayed her with perfumes and other disinfectants to neutralize odors. 

It is thought that during this time, Carl had intercourse with the love of his life, who happened to be dead.

On October 1940, Carl was discovered by Helen’s sister and taken into custody for medical evaluation. He was arrested and later released. The body of Helen is now resting in Key West Cemetery, under an unmarked grave.  

2 – Karen Greenlee


After several days of hearing nothing from Karen Greenlee back in 1979, her family was already getting prepared to hear the worse. That is, until they actually discovered where Karen was and especially who she had been with. Karen was an apprentice embalmer in a mortuary in Sacramento California. She had been missing along with the hearse and the body of a 33-year-old John Mercure, who had died a week before. When the authorities found her and the body, they also found a “suicide” note on the scene. Karen had tried to commit suicide by overdosing on Tylenol with codeine pills but didn’t succeed. Instead, the officers were in shock when they read the note that stated: 

“I had sex with the dead bodies of 20-40 men. It’s an addiction.”

The police learned that she had been fine in the days during which she had been missing; in actuality, she was having a romantic gateway with her deceased lover. Since necrophilia was legal at that time in California (until 2004), she was only charged with stealing the hearse and delaying the funeral, and only spent 11 days in jail, along with some heavy therapy that didn’t help much. In a very open interview, Karen admitted to having started her necrophiliac practices while young and that the smell of a freshly embalmed corpse turned her on even more.

After the controversial interview, she decided to change her identity and moved to an undisclosed location. 

3 – Kenneth Douglas

Kenneth Douglas

Door to door salesman Kenneth Douglas was convicted of killing and raping Karen Range back in 2008. David argued and claimed that he did in fact killed Range, but denied the rape allegations. After a long and extensive investigation, the police tied Kenneth Douglas to the crime. Semen left on the body of Karen proved to be that of Douglas, who was working as a morgue attendant when the ordeal happen. 

Investigators also discovered he had also violated 3 other women. Douglas then confessed to having had sexual intercourse with as many as 100 bodies while waiting for autopsies. “I would just get on top of them and pull my pants down,” Douglas said. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 3 years in a federal prison. The families of the victims are still suing. 

4 – Several Serial Killers


Jerry Brudos, Ted Bundy & Henry Lee Lucas are among the most prolific serial killers our nation has ever seen. With some of their crimes being more noted than others, it is to no surprise that they also added necrophilia to their list. Jerry Brudos aka the “Lust Killer”/”Show Fetish Slayer” killed 4 women in 1968-69. He had sex with the corpses of his victims along with keeping two pairs of amputated breasts as paperweights and a left foot that he would use to model the shoes he had collected, while breaking into women’s homes and stealing them.

Ted Bundy, the charming and eloquent guy who would subdue women by tricking them and later killing them, enjoyed having sex with the corpses of his victims. He kept some of the victims’ heads in his place to use them later for fellatio and abused the victim’s corpses to the point of putrefaction until it was impossible for him to continue with his fetishes.

Finally, Henry Lee Lucas murdered 11 people (that we know of). Known to be one of the most depraved killers around, Lucas started at a very young age by having a sexual relationship with his older half brother at the age of 13, who introduced him to bestiality and animal torture. Years later, he teamed up with depraved drifter Ottis Toole, and together they went on a rampage thru the U.S. that lasted 7 years. Besides dismembering their victims and engaging in necrophiliac acts, they also enjoyed cannibalism. 

5 – Nico Claux

Nico Claux

Practicing satanist and necrophilic fantasizer Nico Claux, aka the “Vampire of Paris”, started his fascination with death from an early age. Feeling like a loner most of the time while growing up, Nico started lurking into graveyards at night and breaking into mausoleums. “I woke up one day feeling this sinister urge to dig up a corpse and mutilate it,” and that’s where it all began. He became a morgue attendant, and was often left alone with the corpses. There, he started to indulge in the act of eating strips of muscles from the body, and drinking bags of blood after adding powder proteins, or even human ashes in some cases. He was arrested in 1994 for the murder of Thierry Bissonnier; he was convicted, served his time and was released in 2002. He now lives with his girlfriend somewhere in Paris.

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Sources: http://www.therichest.com/rich-list/most-shocking/10-shocking-real-cases-of-necrophilia/?view=all



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  • Jennifer Broskey

    The story of Carl Tanzler is much, much more than the author states. He was obsessed with Elena from the moment he saw her, and went to great lengths to be near her, alive and after her death. I believe he stole her corpse more than once, and I remember learning of the various tubes that were found in her body which he used for sex.

  • yentereey

    This article seems to be written by a woman and yet you describe Carl Tanzler as “Carl Tanzler is guilty of a crime committed in the name of love.” No, he isn’t. He committed a crime out of his own selfishness and sexual desires that he knew would hurt the woman he supposedly loved, and her family. He was an obsessed, disturbed, mentally ill person who I’m willing to bet was also misogynistic and racist given that he was a white man and she was a mexican woman, and given the attitudes towards women and people of colour back in the 1930s. Just look at the way he treated her. Yes, he tried to do all he could to cure her that’s really great, but he never left her alone and showered her with gifts after she made it clear she did not like him, and stole her body out from under the nose of her family. And then he got away with it all. All this woman, Helen, wanted was to get better and live a happy life; instead, as a corpse, she is literally stolen and played with like a damn toy. Additionally, empty-headed romantics like this article writer will talk about her story as if she had no choice in the matter and that his feelings excused all of his behaviour. Why the hell are people so willing to cast obsessives and stalkers in a good light? Male or female, it seems that if you stalk, harass, pester, and never leave someone alone, and disregard any rejection of you from them as if they are not their own person with the free choice and free will to reject you, that you are somehow a romantic hero/heroine. Fuck off. This is the same way people approach the rapist teacher from the 1990s, Mary Kay Letourneau, or however you spell her name. I hate that I’m giving her attention, but the story is relevant to this disgusting act of forgiving people “as long as you do it for love”. Yeah, people rape and murder out of what they believe to be love too. If I ever met Carl Tanzler or Mary Kay Letourneau, one of us would leave bleeding whether or not they came near my family.