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4 Unexplained Surveillance Tapes That Defy Reality

3 years, 22 days ago
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The frustrating fact for believers in the paranormal is that many of the photographs and videos shown as paranormal evidence turn out to have been faked. We’re living in an age of easy photographic manipulation and that extends to video editing as well. Most videos that you see out there purporting to be paranormal are hoaxes. The vast majority of the ones that aren’t hoaxes are either easily explainable, not very compelling, or both. That is why it is so exciting when genuine footage from surveillance cameras capture something that is odd and unexplained. Everyone would like it to be as dramatic as a Hollywood movie, but in reality seemingly genuine ghostly experiences tend to be subtler, yet just as creepy.

Espanola Police Station in Espanola, New Mexico

Surveillance video at a local police station revealed what many believe to be a ghost slipping through a gate. The area is secured, and the movement was spotted by an officer on duty at the time. He reported the sighting to his superiors and it was determined that no one was within the gated area, despite the fact that all exits were securely locked. The station is believed by many of the officers who work there to be haunted and they have reported seeing and hearing things that had no explanation. What the source of the haunting may be is unknown.

Plaza Resort and Spa, Daytona Beach, Florida

There are numerous reports of ghosts by Plaza Resort guests and employees, as incidents have been taking place for decades. The original hotel on the property was built in 1888 but destroyed in a fire approximately 20 years later. The current structure has been in place since 1911 and has had its share of incidents, including a guest’s death just a few years ago. People report doors opening and closing on their own as well as ghostly sightings and disembodied voices. In 2013, the chief of security spotted something moving in the closed bar, but discovered nothing when he entered the room. After reviewing the footage, a ghostly specter can be seen gliding through the bar.

The Institute of Texan Culture, San Antonio, Texas

Museums are a little creepy on their own, thanks to their collection of ancient items and wax figures. There are many that believe ghosts imprint themselves as quantum information on items their physical forms once owned; this ‘information’ sometimes travels with them rather than remaining in the physical locations where they once resided. In Texas, it is believed this may be the case with their reported haunting. A museum worker claims to have seen the spirit of a Native American woman after closing. Since there are many native artifacts in the museum, many believe the woman may be one of the past owners of something in the collection. In addition to the reports, a security video taken when the museum was closed reveals an odd shadowy shape drifting around the museum gift shop.

Barnsley Antiques Centre, South Yorkshire, England

Reports of hauntings in Britain are not unusual, but the fact that the most haunted location in the country may actually be an antique shop rather than a castle is surprising to some. The owners, who have been experiencing unusual events for years, finally decided to install CCTV monitors. They were looking for answers as to why items would be moved or broken overnight. Rather than solving the mystery, they managed to only deepen it by capturing a collection of unusual events on screen. Shapes and unusual mists have been seen, but the most dramatic footage is of the glass shattering in a display case door with no one around. Even more unusual is that the glass appears in the video to explode from the inside out. Like the events at the Texas museum, many believe that it is not the location that is haunted, but rather the possessions brought into the building, which rebel against containment.

All around the world security cameras, dash cameras and mobile phones are capturing unusual phenomena. There are suspected ghosts, unusual lights in the sky and even cryptozoological creatures. There have even been ghostly images on surveillance cameras at Disneyland. The witnesses are often reputable people, many even trained observers like police officers or pilots. While there can be no way to definitively prove that each of these videos are genuine and the images are otherworldly, none of the videos listed above have been debunked either.

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