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3 Reasons Why Domestic Drones Should Terrify You

5 years, 6 months ago
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Amazon recently confirmed that they are developing a fleet of commercial drones called Prime Air. According to Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos, this drone delivery service will be capable of getting consumers their products within a half hour of ordering. He expects the operation to take flight in four or five years.

UPS has already signaled their intention to develop a drone service as well, and we can only imagine that in ten years time or less, this will be the norm. So in the future, when you look up to the skies, you may see a flurry of corporate and government drone traffic, flocking together like evil birds.

This scares the dickens out of us and here’s why:

Physical Data Mining

We already know that the government and big corporations spy on us and collect our data every chance they get, from peering in at us through our webcams and Kinect consoles to actually hiring cool hunters to follow us around. Drones will be the next phase in the evolution of the corporatocracy. There is absolutely no reason to think these commercial drones won’t be equipped with hi-tech surveillance technology capable of physically data mining us in our everyday activities. This information could then be tapped by law enforcement agencies. The basic point though is, drones will be watching you through your window as you shower.

domestic drones

Corporate Personhood Gets Even Scarier

If corporations are people, it stands to reason that their robot boy scouts will count as people too, meaning flying machines may have the same rights as humans. This means you could, hypothetically speaking, be charged with homocide or attempted homocide if you do something that compromises the drone’s safety–like, say, shining a laser at it, causing it to crash. This may sound like paranoid drivel now but in a few decades, when drones are sentient entities capable of complex thought, you may find yourself on trial for murdering a Starbucks drone that brought you a foamy latte.


Executive Kill List

For years, the Justice Department and federal officials have sworn that domestic drones would not be weaponized. Then, Holder finally admitted that U.S. citizens overseas had been killed by drones. With everything that’s gone down with Prism and the NSA, is there any reason to trust the government? If they have a tool, they will use it, bending any and every law if they have to. This means that if you get yourself on some kind of kill list…well, you’re going down hard, brother. This goes for corporations too. What CEO would hesitate to send a sniper drone after some hacker who is making his life difficult? They’re called executives for a reason.

police drones

We’re in the age of drones and surveillance now, friends. So walk with a limp, tilt your head, and don’t sabotage the exotic birds.

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