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3 Real Police Reports of Paranormal Activity That Will Turn Your Blood Cold

3 years, 3 months ago
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A while back, the Ghost Diaries posted an article about an exceedingly creepy paranormal police report. We were so disturbed by it, we decided to dig further into available police records regarding paranormal activity. It turns out, law enforcement is no stranger to the unexplained. Here are three more real stories of paranormal police encounters:

Justice from Beyond


So this story goes that a police office (we’ll call him Mark) had just started his second year as an Oregon State Trooper. Mark was dispatched on a call of a “man holding a gun to a woman’s head.”

When Mark and his partner arrived, the woman (we’ll call her Emily) was crying and saying over and over, “He shot me. He shot me.” Leaning down to talk to her, Mark told her, “He didn’t shoot you.” Continuing to talk to her, he determined she had no family and she refused his offer of a ride. The officer asked her if she would be okay alone. Emily said ‘yes,’ so Mark and his partner left.

At the end of their shift, the two officers returned to the station house and told their co-workers what happened. One of the other officers looked up the woman’s name and reported that a young lady by that name had been shot and killed by her husband about six years earlier. There was never an arrest made.

Two years later, Mark was training a new officer when they got another call about a man holding a gun to a woman’s head. They arrived to find Emily outside the house saying, “There. He’s in there.”

Entering the house, they found a man sitting on the ground with his hands in the air. After handcuffing him and running his name, Mark learned the man was the wanted shooter.

“Was it just luck that we should be there when he was there? Or was it a ghost wanting justice for her murder? To this day it still creeps me out to think about it. I hope she’s finally at peace,” Mark said.

The man was sentenced to 20 years in prison and there have been no more calls from that house.

A Haunted Police Department


An electric typewriter turns itself on and begins to type. A broken sidewalk cleaner with no key turns on. Footsteps and doors slamming without anyone appearing.

For several years, Police Chief Jeffery DeSimone of the Homestead Police Department received reports of the paranormal variety from his officers and staff. With the increase of frequency of reports, the Chief gave approval for paranormal investigators to come in and see what they could find.

The investigators set up equipment to record sound and movement. They stayed in the building overnight. When results were played back, the equipment had picked up some activity.

One investigator reported being tapped on the shoulder and feeling a hand pull her hair up. An audio recording picked up the sound of a door slamming and saying “Hey Sam” followed by another door slamming. An audio recording from the basement picked up what sounded like a scream. A video recording picked up a shadow moving across a window that led into an old office.

The paranormal team concluded that the building appeared to be haunted by “residual” ghosts. These ghosts don’t interact with people, but they linger for centuries.

The Key Holder


Dispatched to an old office building that had been converted into doctor’s offices, Bob (not his real name) and his partner arrived to meet up with the building key holder. They entered the building and went up to the second floor where a motion signal had gone off.

After clearing the office, they returned to the hall to find all of the previously secured office doors on the floor were wide open. Clearing and securing each office again, they headed back down to meet with the key holder — only to discover that he was gone.

Calling dispatch to get a number for the key holder so they could be updated, dispatch informed Bob it wasn’t possible that they had met with the key holder as they had learned the key holder was still five minutes away.

When the ‘real’ key holder arrived, Bob described the man that had let them into the building. The woman said he was a doctor who used to lease that office, but he had committed suicide several days before.

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