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10 Works of Art Made By Serial Killers

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Though morbid and unsettling, getting a glimpse inside the mind of a serial killer is pretty mind-blowing. How does an evil mind see the world? What strange images and sinister subconscious creatures stalk his landscapes? Here we’ve collected 10 works of art made by some of the most deranged serial killers in history:

Henry Lee Lucas

Dressed in girl’s clothing and beaten by his mother as a child, Henry Lee Lucas went on to become one of the world’s worst serial killers. His mother was his first victim, and from there he went on to commit anywhere from 15 to 600 murders. Lucas liked playing the monster, and confessed to murders just for fun. Perhaps he drew this to represent the evil inside him:

Henry Lee Lucas serial killer

Ottis Elwood Toole

Ottis Toole was also beaten and dressed as a girl by his mother. The grandson of a Satanist, Ottis had an IQ of 75 and was sexually aroused by fire. Incredibly, Ottis Toole and Henry Lucas not only knew each other, they had a sexual relationship and committed possibly hundreds of murders together.

For part of his time in prison, Toole’s cell was adjacent to Ted Bundy’s. Perhaps this is where he drew the following creepy as hell image:

Ottis Toole serial killer

Charles Bronson

No, not the actor. This Bronson was once considered the most violent inmate in Britain. In 1999, he took a prison art teacher hostage for critiquing one of his drawings. The standoff lasted 44 hours.

Charles Bronson serial killer

Keith Hunter Jesperson

Known as the “Happy Face Killer”, Jesperson strangled 8 women to death, including a long time girlfriend. Eight is the confirmed number; Jesperson claims to have killed 160. Feeling that his murders were not getting enough attention, Jesperson began sending letters to the media, signing them off with a happy face.

He also liked to draw weird cartoons, like the duck below:

Keith Hunter Jesperson serial killer

Alfred Gaynor

The full details of Alfred Gaynor’s murders were only recently released to the public. Gaynor liked to pose his victims in gruesome positions in order to maximize the trauma caused to whoever discovered the body. His artwork, an example of which is below, has been featured by gallery owners who aren’t even aware of his crimes.

Alfred Gaynor serial killer

Arthur Shawcross

Arthur Shawcross killed 14 people, including two children. Sadly, many of his victims came after being paroled (after only serving 14 years) for his first two murders.

Arthur Shawcross serial killer

John Wayne Gacy

The infamous “Clown Killer”, John Wayne Gacy murdered 33 teenage boys and stored their bodies in the crawl space under his home. In his spare time, Gacy worked charity events and children’s parties dressed as “Pogo the Clown”. He also drew renditions of the character, such as the one below:

William Gacy serial killer

Richard Ramirez “Nightstalker”

The legendary “Nightstalker” of Los Angeles killed 14 people, most of them at the creepy, possibly haunted, Cecil Hotel. This man’s crimes were so awful the judge called them “beyond human understanding”. He removed the eyes of one of the victims and put them in her jewelry box….yeah.

Somewhere in the nightmarish hell of his mind lived this demon:


Charles Manson

What more can be said about this man that hasn’t been hashed out in countless articles, books, movies, and TV interviews? Killer by proxy, Manson got his followers to commit his murders for him while he dreamed of an apocalyptic race war. Thousands of neo-Nazis and deranged minds still swear allegiance to the author of the following lyrics and drawings:

Let’s jump upon the sharp swords
And cut away our smiles
Without the threat of death
There’s no reason to live at all
My world is unaffected
There is an exit here
I say it is and it’s true
There is a dream inside a dream
I’m wide-awake the more I sleep
You’ll understand when I’m dead

Charles manson serial killer

Note that in the next drawing, Manson is describing how to make spiders.

Charles Manson serial killer

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  • Dayana

    The drawing from The Night Stalker ! I only just recently learned about it. The name of it is Baphomet. Look it up, it’s a cult. One of the cartoons on adult swim shows that same picture . Crazy, crazy, crazy! Look it up though, Baphomet on Adult Swim (or Cartoon Network), you’ll be surprised at what you find.

  • Loki The Coyote

    ‘Baphomet’ is not a cult.

    • LuciuZ

      You culture lvl is= 0

  • Mutt

    Bronson never killed anyone. He’s just famous for beating the shit out of a whole lot of cops during his 40+ years in prison, that started as an 8 year sentence for robbing a library.

  • Guest

    @Arthur Shawcrods. Its sad somebody with that creative ability and sense of art had to be a serial killer. Its sad obviously that anybody is. But i was very impressed with that piece of artwork to be honest… It is very beautiful with a high level of originality… real talent

    • The Ghost Diaries

      The sublime is beauty and terror comingling.

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  • commenter

    Apparently I need to brush up on my serial killers. The only ones I recognized in this was Gacy and Manson.

  • ugh

    Richard Ramirez didn’t kill anyone at The Cecily Hotel. He was a home invasion killer, breaking into homes and attacking people mostly while they slept. This entire article is misinformed at best.

  • Cutty

    The Manson lyrics are from the wrong Manson. Those lyrics are from the song “The reflecting God” by Marilyn Manson. Not Charles Manson. Nice try though.