close encounters of the third kind - behold a pale horse

10 +1 Jaw-Dropping Claims Made by William Cooper in Behold a Pale Horse

Aliens, Unexplained
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Milton William Cooper was either a gun-toting nutcase or a whistle-blowing patriot, depending on who you talk to. One of the most influential conspiracy theorists of the 20th century, Cooper was shot dead at his Eager, Arizona home in 2001 after years of anti-government activism. His seminal book Behold a Pale Horse has recently experienced a resurgence in interest, likely due to Cooper’s feverish defense of the 2nd amendment and gun ownership, an issue that is once again dividing the nation. But the right to bear arms is just the beginning. Here are the 10 most stunning claims made by Cooper in Pale Horse:

10 – Hypnosis

James Holmes hypnotized
The CIA actively experiments on people using a hypnotic process known as Orion to drive them to commit mass murder and other heinous crimes.

9 – Aliens

ET phone home
The movie E.T. is a representation of an actual extraterrestrial visitation by Ebe, a chrolorphyll-based alien recovered from the infamous Roswell crash in 1949. Later, Close Encounters of the Third Kind was another representation of a real-life alien landing known as Project PLATO

8 – Bilderberg

Bilderberg group
President Truman established the National Security Agency (NSA) for the purposes of communicating with aliens. This lead directly to the establishment of the supersecret Bilderberg Group.

7 – Alien Ambassador

President Eisenhower met with our first alien ambassador, His Omnipotent Highness Krlll, on Feburary 20th, 1954. Krlll helped establish diplomatic relations with an alien race that became known as the “Etherians”.

6 – Alien Experimentation

fire in the sky - alien abduction
The aliens have been manipulating the human race through secret societies, the occult, witchcraft, and religion; they have also been abducting humans and using them as a source of energy via glandular and hormonal secretions, enzymes, blood plasma, and genetics. Furthermore, the aliens created us through genetic experiments.

5 – Time Travel

back to the future
The aliens are capable of time travel, and that technology was passed on to humans for a clandestine operation known as Operation RAINBOW.

4 – Moon Base

Even before President Kennedy’s 1961 speech in which he called for the US to put a man on the moon, a joint alien, United States, and Soviet Union base called Luna already existed there.

3 – Kennedy’s Assassination

President Kennedy was assassinated after he threatened the Majestic 12 with coming forward and telling the American people the truth. He was murdered by the Secret Service agent who drove his car in the motorcade. An unmanipulated version of the Zapruder film, known as Dallas Revisited, shows this.

2 – UFOs

Many UFO research organizations, most prominently MUFON, are under the complete control of the Illuminati Secret Government, which uses them to spread disinformation.

1 – New World Order
Despite the fact that the human race is in intimate contact with an alien race, the government is planning to use the media to propagate a false flag alien encounter for the purposes of cementing the New World Order. It is possible that the entire alien presence is a hoax perpetrated by the Secret Government in order to create a singular global enemy and forge a one world government.



In June of 2001, Cooper predicted the attacks on the World Trade Center. He also predicted it would be blamed on Osama Bin Laden.

Turns out this one wasn’t so crazy, which makes you wonder about the others…

The first 10 are from one chapter of Behold a Pale Horse. Other chapters offer a bit more clarity on the Majestic 12 and the structure of some of the alleged secret societies pulling the strings. The book also contains an appendix that offers a variety of supporting documents. The Ghost Diaries neither endorses nor refutes any of these claims.

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  • wydok

    The guy was a nutcase, a fraud, and, ultimately assaulted officers trying to execute a 3 year old warrant. Nutjobs assume Cooper was killed because he knew about 9/11, ignoring the fact that the was wanted since 1998. His UFO proof is all plagiarized, and his Dallas Revisited video is fake.

    • over the moon

      All those claims may be true, but it still doesn’t diminish the fact that he pretty much predicted 9/11, nor does it take away from Behold a Pale Horse being an interesting book to read. The article is not a tribute to Cooper, it’s what the title says it is. Some claims he made.

      • wydok

        Actually, on June 28, 2001, Cooper talked on his radio show about a news report that came out on the 24th from CNN saying Bin Laden vowed to attack the US and Israel. All Cooper did was change that to say the attack would be by the NWO and they would frame Bin Laden.

        • over the moon

          And you’re certain he was wrong?

          • wydok

            Whether or not you believe 9/11 was an inside job, the point is that Cooper was reiterating information broadcasted by another media outlet three days earlier. That’s not a prediction.

          • over the moon

            We’re getting into semantics now–he was broadcasting it because he heard it and obviously believed it. In the days before the inane Alex Jones echo chamber of fringe media, I still think that qualifies as a prediction.

          • John H

            you’re a jerk. you think you’re so intelligent, belittling people who are 10 times the man you are.
            drink your flouride as you mock from your sofa.
            you will be a serf in the new order, clownboy.
            Alex Jones is a hero. Not perfect, but a patriot and a hero.
            You understand nothing. You are a coward.

          • Neville B.

            You sound like a paid troll from alex jones website. he is just a panic creator, sensationalizing news stories and making mad money from it. I am not defaming him as I am sure he has put much stuff out there and informed many people about things like flouride, NWO, etc…but I wouldn’t follow anyone blindly and call another person names beause they have their opinion as well. You should hear jones’s broadcast during the y2k scam…He made it sound like the end of the world as it was happening (it was amusing to say the least). As you said yourself, no one is perfect.

          • wydok

            If I were a paid troll, I should be fired for wasting time on this site.

            And Alex Jones is worse than this dude. Way worse.

          • FartMaster69

            You sound exactly like the JIDF that try to cover Soros’ ass.

          • wydok

            I’m not Jewish, although I think I went back four generations I would discover my family was.

          • Wolfdriven

            Alex jones is a shill……. Smell the bacon….

            The elite is smarter than you think.

          • over the moon

            Also, whether or not he originated the idea, it’s still a pretty bold assertion to be making…..I’m not cheerleading Cooper. Simply reporting what he reported.

      • Lona G
    • Wolfdriven

      You’re a fraud.

      • John Doe

        no you are a fraud

        • Wolfdriven

          Your mom is a fraud.

          • Katherine McChesney

            You’re only fraud here.

          • Alan Conn

            IM A FRAUD!!!… But you all are fucking retarded.

          • Katherine McChesney

            Look in the mirror and you’ll witness YOUR retardation.

          • Alan Conn

            Youre one to talk! Haha! Spare me your elementary school retort.

    • Wolfdriven

      Did you read what he said in the pic above? before calling him a nutcase? the guy was practically in the fucking devils office when he found the plans for the rapage of the world, and you’re crying your fuckin eyes out “waaaa waaaa he’s a liar! he’s a fake! waaaaa!!!!” go kill yourself kiddo

      • wydok

        Yes, I read the article and the picture. “E.T is a representation of an actual extraterrestrial visitation”. You find that credible? The NSA was formed to talk to aliens? “His Omnipotent Highness Krlll”? A moonbase? You actually believe any of that? Just because this guy says he was in somebody’s office and saw a document, you believe him? Why? He’s got no reason to lie… besides to sell a book and get advertisers for his radio show.

        People believe what they want to believe. The hear someone like this Cooper and latch on to his theories because it’s better to believe in a Boogie Man like the NWO and aliens than it is to accept that fact that HIV is a naturally occurring disease and that 20 terrorists can kill thousands of people.

        • Wolfdriven

          He didn’t say he was in an office! you retarded drone this is not about worshiping what a guy says or believing everything a guy says…. it’s about trying to understand and research what people know about certain things, cooper went back on his words so many times and came clean about some of the info he researched, he didn’t believe aliens were real nor the ufo’s he said that many times… people like you have an ego problem where you believe that info doesn’t come from a fucking AUTHORITY then it’s bullshit and just some nutcase who is just trying to make money or occupy his time with some wacky hobby.

          You’re confusing Cooper with Alex jones and David icke… who are both shills… who are connected to establishments like RT news and all the other false info that the elite have organised… It’s reality is BIGGER than you think, it’s not about fishing, baking, watching football, playing with kittens and cute animals or reading about stupid human bullshit that meaningless people create. There is a fucking war on and it’s not between nations! or a boogy man (terrorism) it’s about an elite who have been at it for THOUSANDS of years, they’re not just some people living life, lie your dumb ass they are the hierarchy which have created a complex reality so that retards like you will never understand. William Cooper was in the system! he was in the navy he was in EVERY place possible to find info and docu’s about EVERYTHING that’s been going on and who are you? some fat yanky cunt. shut it and get off the planet.

          • wydok

            First of all, if he did go back on what he said about aliens, what makes anything he says credible? How is my “believing in the authority” (who says I do) any different than believing somebody else?

            Second, how does ANY OF THIS this relate to my original argument, which was that Cooper did NOT predict 9/11. He responded to a news report from 4 days earlier. That was my actual original argument. Cooper did NOT predict 9/11, and he wasn’t killed for it, either.

          • biggie

            He went into detail he knew where the planes would land even the one that missed it’s Mark look it up

          • MANA

            Wydok …. He took the cnn reporters interview and looked outside the square … he sees things from different angles and reports what his knowledge, background and information come up with … predictions???? He is no nostrodamis (?) Type predictor ,yet he saw through the falsified cnn coverage with a doppelganger osama bin larden …. I wonder if a whistle blower/ predictor was getting more correct than not , how would he be stopped? ? Falsified charges and in the end staging a shoot out or forcing him to fire apon under cover officers??!!! ….. makes me think why alex and david are still alive …maybe cause they are puppets or are fed false info/reports to spread throughout the world , or maybe it’s because they are not as close as bill cooper was ??? Every time in history a person who is to close to revealing the ruling elites agenda and break their hold over the sheeple in this world they die a suspicious way …..

    • Katherine McChesney

      You’re the only nutcase and fraud on this article.

      • wydok

        It might be true I’m a nutcase, but at least I didn’t get killed for tax evasion.

    • Lona G

      “This is the age of deception. The world is on the razor. One
      “half is scheduled to be exterminated if these people have
      their way, and the other half is scheduled to be enslaved
      when the mystical union between the moon IS (Isis or Church)
      and the sun RA (Osiris or Doctrine) greets the Son of the
      morning EL (Horus or full body of Adepts) on the horizon (Horus
      risen) in the New Dawn (ISRAEL or realization of the
      New World Order). When the process is complete a new worldwide
      Soviet Union will emerge to thin the herd, shear the sheople,
      and march them off to enslavement or slaughter depending upon
      their individual ability to accept and adhere to their reeducation.” ”
      The plan outlined the formation of a world totalitarian socialist
      government. It is to be ruled by a behind-the-scenes council
      of wise men. A so-called benevolent dictator,
      will be presented as the Messiah.

      The Constitution
      for the united States of America and its Bill
      of Rights will be scrapped. A parliamentary form of government
      will take its place. All military forces and individuals are
      to be disarmed except for an internal police force which will
      carry only the minimum weapons needed to maintain internal

      “When we
      got organized as a country and we wrote a fairly radical Constitution
      with a radical Bill of Rights, giving a radical amount of
      individual freedom to Americans… And so a lot of people
      say there’s too much personal freedom. When personal
      freedom’s being abused, you have to move to limit it.
      That’s what we did in the announcement I made last weekend
      on the public housing projects, about how we’re going to have
      weapon sweeps and more things like that to try to make people
      safer in their communities.” President Bill Clinton,
      3-22-94, MTV

      “We can’t
      be so fixated on our desire to preserve the rights of ordinary
      Americans …” Bill Clinton (USA TODAY, 11 March
      1993, page 2A)” ~ William Milton Cooper

  • Morten Carlsen

    Bill Cooper did not predict 9/11. He was inferring that ‘whatever’ happens in the future UBL will get the blame. There always going to be something happening. A prediction qualifies as being one the if the foretold was specific. In this case I don’t Bill Cooper was being specific.

    However, in his book Behold a Pale Horse, he made some which IMO do qualify.

    One being ‘A weapon which we do not perceive as being a weapon’ the Computer. ‘A device which will, in overflow, provide the humans with free entertainment (Music, Movies etc etc) sedating us and thus preventing us from acting’

    Anyway at the point where Cooper began about the aliens – he lost me. Which does not necessarily mean that he is wrong, perhaps my state of mind just cannot fathom such a claim.

    What remains from a man which I found to be an outstanding human being, is that we should all read and think about what ‘someone’ says or believes. Regardless of WHAT that someone states. And then do our own research and then and only then, form our OWN opinion.

    As bill said; Don’t believe anyone unless you can prove it with your own observations.
    That comment encloses him too and what he said, stated and stood for…

    • David Pragmo N’saiga

      Hey man. I believe what your have said pretty much sorts out all the choas that this comment thread had generated. Well said.

  • Shout Jungletime

    He was no Anti-Government. He was for the Constitution. He said they will Blame Osama Bin Ladin, for what ever Chaos THEY would Couse. even if Tim Osman was in On it. Hello. Hi. Whats going on with this Rubric?

  • Shout Jungletime

    I know, Take this AD and try it out, see if it works. Be literal, everytime you communicate and hold others to this literally-ity, and watch the communication will get better, but maybe hard at first.

  • Lona G
  • Lona G

    MAJESTYTWELVE by William Cooper (YOU BLIND SHEEPLE!!! You will wake up ONLY when you see it happening in front of your nose!!) Read this by William Cooper and say again he was a nutcase. And btw, William exposed alex jones, david icke, jordan maxwell and others. Billy shared with american people more than enough. You have NO EXCUSE!! and read your Bible! (old versions).

    Copyright © 1997
    William Cooper All Rights Reserved

  • Lona G

    Read Mystery Babylon by William Cooper: Search on youtube if you prefer to listen and there you’ll find much more material. Do your own research!!!

  • Lona G

    Mystery Babylon is the mystery religion. They want ONLY their religion which have roots on Babylon. You are seeing the emerging of the new Atlantis. Remember ancient Egypt? Why do you think you are seeing so many pyramids and the One Eye (Horus) and lots of magic, sex etc… ? Think!!!! Research!!!
    William Cooper – Mystery Babylon Hour 3 – Egyptian Magic (Full Length)

  • FartMaster69

    Bilderberg group is now publicly known and most disgusting people vying for leadership and trying to destroy their country such as Merkel and Hillary are members. Makes you think.